5 Tips to Get Your Leopard Gecko To Love, Like And Trust You

The leopard gecko is a popular beginner’s reptile because it’s easy to handle and needs minimal care compared to other lizards. Leopard geckos have vibrant personalities and make activities that are interesting to watch. They are typically yellow, white, and spotted with black dots, and hatchlings are striped and slowly change to the spotted appearance. There are many colorful and patterned morphs or variations.


It may seem odd or an unimportant tip, but that couldn’t be different from the truth. Okay, it may be slightly weird. Regardless, it’s crucial that your leopard gecko hears you and can learn to identify your voice. For example, when you first enter the room your terrarium is in, get down to your gecko’s level and say hello. Probabilities are they’ve woken up and noticed that someone had entered the room, mainly if the lights are on, and they will come to acknowledge the way you sound.


Remember that your leopard gecko is crepuscular, and being around them in the middle of the day is the equal of somebody hanging out with you in the middle of the night! It’s okay if they don’t want to come out of their caves, but doing slow activities near them will allow your gecko to watch you, grow comfortable with your presence, and likely scope you out some more while you’re not watching. 


Allow your leopard gecko to get habituated to your smell. Most reptiles use their sense of smell for survival, and leopard geckos are no different. Foreign odors register as foreign to them, and recognizable scents are, you got it, recognizable. 


Yes, we know that you understand that you have to feed your leopard gecko. That’s not what we mean! By this, we recommend that your leopard gecko should see, hear, and maybe smell you when you are feeding them! Consider personalizing the feeding technique more and making the most of this time with your gecko by developing trust.


Another tip for bringing your leopard gecko to trust you more is to get them more habituated to your hand being in the cage. If you don’t have a lot of trust built up between your gecko and you, this may upset and scare them, so be careful. Also, consider letting them rise on you, touch you, or inhale you without picking them up for the first few times – trust the procedure!