Benefits of Using Balto Braces for Your Dog

As there are plenty of brands that now offer a wide variety of dog bracing products, it can be daunting for someone new to choose one. As one of the most popular pet orthopedic brands across the world, Balto can be an ideal choice.

Take a look at some of the top reasons that make Balto braces the right choice for your furry pet-

  1. Wide-Range of Braces

Balto is one of the few brands that offer an extensive range of dog braces for several health problems and injuries. From knee brace, hock brace, shoulder brace to specialized products such as hip dysplasia brace, and fracture brace, Balto is the one-stop solution for all your dog bracing needs.

The variety of products ensures that you will find a brace that perfectly matches the requirements of your dog in the most efficient manner.

  1. Available in Various Sizes

Apart from a wide variety of products, Balto also offers each of its products in multiple sizes to suit dogs of every size and breed. For instance, the Balto Jump Knee Brace is available in sizes ranging from XX-Small for dogs of up to 10lbs. to X-Large for dogs of up to 135lbs.

So, no matter if you own a Chihuahua, Pit-Bull, or a Labrador, you will find a brace that is a perfect fit for your dog with Balto.

  1. Innovative Features

To provide the utmost comfort and support to your pet, Balto braces come with a host of innovative features. For instance, the braces feature removable splints made from aluminum. For custom and secure fit, the straps of the braces can also be trimmed.

All the braces are made from a high-quality breathable material to offer enhanced comfort and durability. Moreover, braces can also be hand-washed when needed.

  1. Value for Money

A good quality pet product should not burn a hole in your pockets. With Balto braces, you get exceptional quality at a pocket-friendly price. Compare the product quality and prices of other dog bracing brands, and you will see that Balto is the prime contender.

When used carefully, rest assured that your Balto brace will last for years to come and provide you the best value for your money.

Browse Through the Range of Balto Braces

Balto braces have been clinically proven to help dogs with a host of conditions, like cruciate diseases. Choose the best for your dog and help them recover from a wide range of health problems with Balto.

Browse through our extensive range of Balto braces to select one that best fits the needs of your beloved pet.