Do you know these behaviors of a French bulldog?

The French bulldog is a small molossus, brave, loyal and much attached to his social group. The love you show for your dog can make him somewhat possessive. Very pleasant as a companion dog, he likes to play with young and old. Due to its flattened muzzle, it does not have much endurance for physical activities. The ideal for him will be to be constantly in the company of his master, since he has little tolerance for loneliness. Its pleasant character makes it a very good option for different types of people.

  • Life expectancy of the French bulldog: Between 9 and 11 years,
  • Character: Affectionate, Playful,
  • Size: Small, (Female dog between 24 and 32 cm / Male Dog between 27 and 35 cm)
  • Hair Type: Satin, tight, soft and shiny hair. This breed has no undercoat.
  • Coat color: Fawn, Tabby, Pied, and Fawn and white.
  • Eye color: The eyes should be dark in color, regardless of the coat color.

Description of French bulldog –

Despite its small size, the French bulldog is very powerful. His bone structure is solid and his body is muscular. Everything about him is short and compact, giving him a squat look. Its square head, perched ears, and flat snout can make it look sulky, yet its temperament is very calm. Affectionate, playful, quiet, intelligent, hunter, afraid of strangers, independent: these terms can greatly describe the French and English bulldog Behavior.

Behavior of a bulldog –

His sensitivity and his close bond with his masters mean that he cannot bear loneliness. The best thing for him will be to be around people, an important factor to consider in view of his adoption. The stubbornness of this breed may confuse certain owners, but with patience and firmness they will be able to convince this little molossus to cooperate. His education should begin at an early age so that you understand as soon as possible the basic commands to stop and heed your call. Despite appearances, the French bulldog has a quite sensitive character.

This breed of dog has a reputation for “singing” as they make peculiar sounds to express joy, anger or impatience. However, the Bulldog is not used to barking for no reason. As a puppy, the Frenchie can be quite destructive. To avoid upsetting, the ideal would be to buy toys adapted for him to bite. The character and size of the bulldog makes it an ideal choice for first-time adopters.