Fashion accessories for your pet

Having a pet at home offers a sense of well-being. You can attribute it to many factors such as companionship, healthy living owing to the effort spent on caring for the dog or even owing to the unconditional love they can give. There are studies that show that dogs can be a man’s best friend and can help in the recovery from personal trauma or bereavement. All said and done, it is indeed fascinating to dress up your dog a bit when you take it out for a walk to ensure that all eyes are turned towards it. it would indeed be a proud moment as the owner of the dog. The dog bandanas are among the fashion accessories that can give the dog a dressy look.

Dog bandana-what is it?

 A dog bandana is a piece of cloth that is tied around the neck of the dog. It could either be square or rectangular in shape. The dog bandana, however, is special because this piece of cloth when wrapped around the neck of the dog can work magic. it enhances the appearance of the dog and makes it look special and adorable. It also plays a role in showcasing the personality of the dog.

Why should you use a dog bandana?

 Having discussed at length about how wrapping the Bandana can enhance the glamour and appearance of the dog, it is now time to consider the other reasons for which you should consider buying the bandana for your beloved pet dog. It includes

  • Cooling effect– Thedog bandanas double up as cooling towels. They can soak up a fairly large amount of water. This, when tried around the neck of the pet, can keep it comfortable during hot summer. Also, the yarn used for making the bandana can be one that has a cooling effect.
  • Keeps them warm– You can use dog Bandanas to keep them warm during the winters. This would be extremely useful for pups when they feel cold in the winter.
  • Helpful to stay calm– Dabbing a few drops of calming essence specially designed for dogs on to the bandana would help relieve the stress and anxiety that the pet might experience when there are fireworks, thunderstorms or when it is taken out on a long journey.
  • First aid- The Bandana can double up as bandage in case of an emergency.

However, you have got to agree that a dog looks good with a dog bandana wrapped around its neck.

Choosing a dog bandana

 You’re choosing a bandana for your beloved pet. You have got to do it with care.

Suits the personality– Make sure you chose a bandana that matches the personality of the dog. You have bandanas that show the personality of the dog. A white bandana can indicate a happy, friendly and peace-loving dog.

Size- The dog bandanas are available in different sizes. Get to know the dog’s neck size before you shop for it. The small and medium bandanas are about 14-18 inches. While the medium and large ones are about 20-24 inches. They come with velcro attachments or buttons to fasten as well.

Washability- the dog bandanas can dirty and within a short time too. therefore, it is important to buy a material that can not only be cleaned easily but also one that dries quickly. Double-sided bandanas- You must be aware that there are dog bandanas that have different designs on either side. This means you can flip the bandanas over to give two different looks while using the same bandana.

 Scale up the glamour quotient of your beloved pet with the classy dog bandana of your choice.