How to Get Dog Insurance for Your Pup

When you adopt a dog, it feels like love at first sight. However, getting a new dog also means taking on new responsibilities and costs.

Vet bills can be expensive, and unexpected accidents or illnesses can put a strain on your budget. That’s why so many pet owners are finding the benefits of dog insurance for their pooch.

If you have ever owned a pet before, you likely know that emergency vet care is not cheap.

Even if you cannot foresee any potential health problems with your new dog, the more cautious approach would be to get some form of pet insurance in case anything unfortunate happens.

After all, it’s almost certain that sooner or later your dog will get into trouble and require medical care.

Here is how you can get dog insurance for your pup:

What is pet insurance?

Before getting into the details of pet insurance, let’s first clarify what it is. Simply put, pet insurance is a type of coverage through which you can get financial assistance for medical bills in case your pet gets sick or injured.

Such plans usually provide a monthly payment that you can use to pay for your dog’s medical bills.

Now, before you get excited and start imagining endless piles of cash, please keep in mind that pet insurance only covers certain medical expenses. Additionally, the amount you get paid will depend on your plan and how much coverage you decide to get.

Four benefits of dog insurance

Affordable monthly payments:  Like any other form of insurance, you will have to pay an upfront premium. However, the good news is that most pet insurers offer monthly payment plans, so you can start enjoying the benefits of insurance right away. 

Coverage for unexpected accidents and illnesses: Pet insurance covers your dog for a variety of issues, including injuries, illnesses, and even behavioural problems. This means that if your dog injures itself somehow or becomes sick, you can rest assured that you will have the funds to cover the vet bills.

Peace of mind: Another great reason to get a pet insurance policy is peace of mind. If your dog gets hurt or sick, the expenses can quickly add up. Without pet insurance, you will have to pay these bills out of your own pocket.

Better chances of adoption: When you adopt a dog, you want to make sure that you are making a responsible decision. Unfortunately, irresponsible pet ownership is on the rise, which has resulted in many shelters banning the adoption of certain breeds. With pet insurance, you can prove that you are responsible enough to care for a dog, regardless of breed or type.

How to find the right insurance for your dog

Consider your dog’s breed, age, and health: When you are looking for the best dog insurance for your pooch, you first need to consider his breed, age, and overall health.

Certain breeds are more likely to get injured or sick, so you will need to find an insurance provider that offers coverage for these dogs.

Look for an insurance provider that offers “routine care” coverage: The best dog insurance providers will offer “routine care” coverage. This means that your pet insurer will cover certain medical expenses that are considered “routine.”

Hunting dogs and herding dogs: If your dog falls into one of the following breeds, you should look for a pet insurance provider that offers specific coverage for these types of dogs: hunting dogs, herding dogs, and sporting dogs.

Check the plan’s exclusions: You should also carefully read the plan’s exclusions and limitations before committing to a pet insurance policy.

Things to consider before choosing an insurance provider

Coverage amounts: When you are shopping for dog insurance, you will notice that different providers have different coverage amounts. Make sure to pick a plan that offers sufficient coverage for your dog’s medical needs.

Customer service: Another important thing to consider is the pet insurance company’s customer service. After all, you will probably be contacting them a lot if your dog ever gets sick or injured.

Reputation: You also want to pick an insurance provider that has a good reputation and is trustworthy.

Special features: In addition to the above points, you may want to consider a pet insurance plan that offers special features like wellness coverage or dental coverage.

Bottom line…

Getting dog insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. When you adopt a dog, you are taking on a big responsibility, and you can’t always know what the future will bring.

If your dog gets injured or sick, the costs could be devastating. Fortunately, pet insurance exists to help cover those expenses for you.

Now that you know everything there is to know about pet insurance, you can start shopping for the best dog insurance policy for your pooch.