How to Groom Your Yorkie at Home?

The Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are adorable and playful, they are cute and their fluffy silky hair makes them more eye catching. Grooming yorkie puppies are challenging as they are little and sensitive.

It will be perfect to take them to groomers but they need constant care and regular grooming for better and healthy lifestyle. If you follow some tips you can groom your yorkie at home without a professionals help. You will find all grooming products for your puppy at a reputed Yorkie shop. Here are some tips mentioned below for you to follow for proper grooming of your yorkie.

Use the right brush for keeping the yorkie coat manageable

Make sure to use the right pin and bristle brush to maintain yorkie coat manageable. Yorkie has thin hair so be careful while brushing your puppy’s hair or it can tangle easily, even if it get tangles don’t rush just gently brush those tangles. Use slicker brush to remove dead hair, work slowly and prevent pulling too much.

Keep your yorkie’s ears clean

You have to be very careful while cleaning your yorkie’s ears because it’s a very sensitive area and bit tricky. Pay attention to the puppy’s body language and make sure to go slow and be calm. Ear cleaning is not very comfortable for them so don’t expect that they would love this process. If you feel they display some discomfort, then stop whatever you’re doing and wait for them to calm down.

Cleaning your yorkie’s eyes

Seasonal yorkie allergies can develop tear stains and you may see discharge from their eyes. Discharges can also happen for shampoo you are using or they are just natural tears. Wipe your dog’s eyes regularly with damp cloth specifically during bath time but make them comfortable and calm in that whole process.