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How to Make a Perfect Dog Room Even If You Don’t Have Much Space

Let’s face it – we all need our corner…

A place to retreat and have some quiet time or to take a quick nap. But most importantly–a place that’s ours, no matter what. A place we can always return to and feel safe.

But what about the dogs that are part of our families?

Let’s consider a wild idea–do dogs actually need their own rooms?

You have probably noticed that even if you never thought about it, your dog has already picked a favorite spot in the house to curl up and take a nap.

In fact, all dogs have a natural craving to find a quiet, comfortable, enclosed space that reminds them of their ancestral dens. That’s why many of them prefer small places to sleep.

What should you watch for if you’re in the process of making a perfect dog room?

First, dogs are pack animals, and they want you to lead the way. If you believe the place your dog picked isn’t the most practical for the rest of the family, don’t worry. After you personalize it, we’re sure that they’re going to love it.

Be sure not to choose a highly trafficked place in the house, but also bear in mind that dogs are social creatures. They want to be part of the team, so don’t place them too far from the family room.

Second, be creative. The cave-like space under the stairwell that you never found a use for, an empty cabinet in the laundry room, the forgotten nook in the living room, a spacious place near the window that allows your dog to keep an eye on your neighbors…

Any of these places might be the perfect spot. And we bet that your dog has already discovered it.

Once you’ve picked your spot, don’t overlook the safety issues! Be sure to store cleaning materials and food in another room. Tape down any electrical cords and remove any trash cans or replace them with dog-proof models. Put away shoes, clothing, kids’ toys, and anything else you wouldn’t want your dog playing with or chewing on. Don’t leave on space heaters and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Next–build the fun-zone. Mental exercise is just as important for dogs as physical exercise. Make sure you put in their favorite toy and a seek-a-treat puzzle toy. If there are lots of toys, consider making or buying a toy box to keep the space neat.

Make sure to keep fresh water and a bowl of food snacks nearby. One good tip is to place food and water on the opposite side of the room from where the bed is located. Dogs are messy eaters, and having bowls next to their bed is not a good idea. To save time and cleaning effort, put down food bowl mats or trays to help keep your floors clean.

Next–webcams. Are we suggesting you spy on your dog? Sort of. Webcams let you check in on your pet while you’re away. Depending on how much you’re prepared to invest, you can choose from a basic camera to two-way audio and treat-trigger equipped models.

Last, but certainly not least, the focal point of your dog’s room–the bed. Dogs spend about half of the day sleeping, so getting comfy counts.

You might be fine with your dog sleeping on the couch, but it’s still worthwhile to check out specialized dog beds. It might be a win-win situation for both of you.

What makes a good dog’s bed?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. If you watch your dog sleep, you’ll see that they get into lots of different positions: curled up, stretched out, on their back–even on their belly with their legs stretched in opposite directions. Their beds should be large enough for them to be able to lie comfortably in all possible positions. Some beds might be big enough for dogs to curl up, but you should also make sure they can stretch out their legs if they want to.

Oval beds with a side are great if your dog wants to curl up, while mattress beds can be good for lying flat. Each dog will have their own preferences. My puppy loves her mattress bed.

Beds should be sufficiently padded and made from a comfortable material that is easily washable.

If you’re an outdoor person and take your dog camping, make sure the bed is built from a robust and durable material

Dogs can easily get wet and waterproof features will come in very handy when you’re getting home from a trip to the lake or beach. Waterproof dog beds come in one of two forms. Either the bed will have a waterproof lining, which helps prevent liquids from soaking into the bed’s filling, or it will have a waterproof base. A waterproof base means there won’t be any leakage from the bed that damages the flooring underneath. Many waterproof beds have weather-resistant covers, which are ideal for the camping moments we mentioned earlier.

At GC Beds, it’s clear that they take crafting high-quality dog beds that fulfill all the above standards seriously. Check them out here:

I love these dog beds because they are handmade here in the USA. They also threw in a 100-day risk-free guarantee and ten years warranty because they are so sure your dog will love to rest his paws on one of their great beds. Call me crazy, but the happy barks that say, “This place is my space!” and the photos on their website confirm that these dog beds are some of the best out there. I just know that my dog loves her GC Bed!