How to Properly Train Your Dog

With work, patience and perseverance, you will quickly gain mastery of basic orders. Dog training is not done once a week for an hour. Rather, you need to instill small daily habits that will allow you to obtain good obedience from your canine over time. Dog training is a constant affair. This will allow you to have a perfectly civilized dog that you will enjoy taking with you anywhere you go.

Once a dog’s “kindergarten” has been mastered, you are ready to take on more difficult exercises. This includes, for example, carrying out basic orders, but in much more simulating environments. You can also tackle orders from a distance as well as small figures. With Orange County puppy training, your new puppy can grow a lot and get started on the right path.

The influence of your dog’s environment

The environment has a very big influence on your dog and puppy’s behavior. You may find yourself tempted to perform increasingly difficult exercises to satisfy your dog or puppy’s desire to learn. For example, recall in the presence of wild animals, lying still in the middle of a pedestrian street, give way to your imagination. (The only imperative is to always secure your exercises).

Remote orders

Imagine walking your dog or puppy who is exploring about twenty meters away from you when a car or a bicycle arrives behind you! By calling your dog back, he will pass the vehicle or the bicycle, which can be the source of an accident. What a relief to be able to use a Stop Command!

Small figures

The usefulness is perhaps less obvious, but the pleasure will certainly be there. You can train your dog to do U-turns on itself, rolls, barks on command, and take naps.

These exercises become tempting when basic obedience is acquired and often delight the children (and the older ones) in the family.

Dog training courses in open environments

Indeed, we want to get as close as possible to the conditions in which you will be when you walk your dog alone. We therefore carry out lessons in the forest and in the city. This is so that your dog’s obedience is maximized in all circumstances. If the dog is not trained to obey in a certain environment, you should not expect innate obedience from him.

The dog training courses which take place in the forest inevitably include the socialization of the dog towards its canine friends. To this end, the dogs are always released together for several hours.

At what age?

The education of a dog begins as soon as it arrives at your home as a new puppy. The first step is family integration. It is about defining the rules of life and the limits to be imposed on your puppy. For more information on the behavior of young puppies, do not hesitate to visit the link above.