A Grooming Table May Change Your Life

A good dog grooming table can be a great addition to your house, especially if your dog needs constant grooming. While it isn’t necessary, it certainly makes your life easier to groom your dog.

Below are some of the ways that a grooming table will have a positive effect on your life.

First, a dog grooming table is comfortable for you and your dog. If your dog needs grooming every few days, you don’t want to always bend over the bathtub; it’s so hard on your knees and back. Even if your pup doesn’t need a lot of trimming, brushing a hairy breed can take up to 30 minutes.

Grooming tables are available in many sizes, so you can find one to fit your price, space, and needs. If you have a small dog, you don’t need a big table. You can buy a table that adjusts the height and will fold up when you don’t need it. Most dog grooming lafayette ca centers will have these different sizes table so that your dog and the groomer are comfortable while the grooming process.

Many mobile dog grooming charlotte nc will put the dog at waist height so you no longer have to bend over to groom or brush.

Second, a table gives you more safety. If you use a kitchen table or counter, your dog can slip when he’s wet. If your dog balks at grooming, he could fall off and hurt himself.

A good grooming table has a leash loop that goes over his head like a collar and will hold him in place. Some people don’t like that the dog can move easily, but trust us, this is what keeps your dog safe during the grooming process. It’s just like a collar, and most dogs get used to it.

Third, a grooming table ensures cleanliness. You will have a lot of hair left behind if you brush the dog in a bathtub, and that can clog your plumbing. Grooming tables eliminate such problems by keeping the hairy mess in one area.

Most grooming tables have no-slip tops that you can clean with just a wipe down. If you want the table in a room with no carpet, this area will be simple to clean and sweep.

Now you can see how a dog grooming table can give you and your pup so many benefits. Your grooming routine will get much easier when you have a table designed for the work. Please check them out and buy the best one for your needs and budget.