Are Bearded Dragons Worth The Cost?

Bearded dragons are widely regarded as one of the best lizards to have as a pet. “Beardies” as they are lovingly nicknamed are active and intelligent creatures that are relatively easy to care for. But did you know that there are 8 bearded dragon species? Read on to find out more about each one of these amazing lizards.

Types of Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons’ namesake is due to the “beards” that both males and females have. However the males have a darker beard that becomes more distinct as they mature. They are used for both defensive displays and communication. There are 8 species of bearded dragons, all of which are native to Australia. Each species can vary from one another in terms of size, coloration, and behavior.

Central Bearded Dragon (Pogonavitticeps)

The most popular bearded dragon that’s kept as a pet. These beardies come in the widest variety of natural-found color variations. These are known to have a calmer and more docile nature than their counterparts.

Eastern Bearded Dragon (Pogonabarbata)

The most common type of bearded dragon, this species is slightly larger than the average bearded and can grow to be about 24 inches in length, with females being slightly smaller. This species is very similar in appearances to the central bearded dragon but tends to be more aggressive.

Black-Soil Bearded Dragon (Pogonahenrylawsoni)

This species is commonly referred to as a dwarf or pygmy bearded dragon due to its tiny size. From nose to tail, they rarely grow longer than 12 inches in length. In terms of personality, this is a well-behaved lizard with a similar temperament to the popular central bearded dragon. The small size is great for lizard enthusiasts looking to save money and space on a smaller tank, but their limited gene pool can make this breed susceptible to health issues.

Mitchell’s Bearded Dragon (Pogonamitchelli)

These bearded dragons are slightly smaller than the average at 17-18 inches. Besides being named after a renowned herpetologist, this species is best known for the extra-large spikes on its head. Other than that, this is one of the rarer species of bearded dragons and thus, rarely kept as pets.

Northwestern Bearded Dragon (Pogonamicrolepidota)

Even tinier than the pygmy bearded dragon, these small guys max out at 6 inches. They are also unique in that their “beards” are small in comparison to their bodies. The etymology of their name means “small-scaled.” Being another uncommon breed only found in a small part of Australia they are not often kept as pets.

Western Bearded Dragon (Pogona minor)

Despite also being referred to as a dwarf bearded dragon, Pogona minor is not the smallest bearded dragon species. This species can grow to be about 15 inches. However, this species has small heads compared to other beardies. This rock-loving species is another rarity that is rarely kept as a pet.

Nullarbor Bearded Dragon (Pogonanullarbor)

This species features the most vivid patterns with distinct white bands evenly distributed throughout its body. This is another small Bearded dragon species that does not get larger than 6 inches. Unfortunately, this is another breed that isn’t commonly available outside of Australia.

Buying a Bearded Dragon

Bearded lizards make a great first foray into exotic pets. If you are looking for bearded dragons for sale in the U.S., central bearded dragons are likely to best your best option.