Everything To Know About Microchip Cat Flaps

Cat flaps are tiny doors designed for cats. It allows your furry friend to leave and get in as they wish. If you want your cat to be more independent, especially when you are not around, then you should get a cat flap installed.

Speaking of cat flaps, there are different types available. There are ordinary cat flaps and then there is a microchip cat flap. Needless to say, the latter is a more advanced cat door that is designed to prevent the entry of other animals.

If you decide to install a microchip cat flap, it’s better to call for a cat flap fitter because they know how to install it correctly.

What is a microchip cat flap?

A microchip cat flap is a special cat door that is designed to prevent the entry of other animals in the house. It will allow only your cat to access it.

It works by scanning a small microchip embedded in your cat’s skin. It will only provide access after it scans the microchip number. You can enter more than one microchip number in the cat flap’s memory. This is useful for people having multiple cats.

Coming to the microchip, it is embedded under your cat’s skin. It is placed between their shoulder blades. Every microchip comes with a unique number that is entered into the cat flap’s memory.

A microchip is also useful in finding your cat if it ever gets lost. When you get a microchip for your cat, you need to get the unique number registered along with valid contact details.

Why should you get a microchip cat flap?

Microchip cat flaps are any day better than an ordinary cat flap. With a microchip cat flap, you don’t have to worry about other animals entering the house when you are not around.

It helps you to make your house safe while giving full freedom to your cat. You should install a microchip cat flap in walls, doors, or anywhere you think it will be easy for your cat to use it.

Microchip cat flaps are the best type of cat doors. It takes away your worries about other animals entering your house.