7 Recipes to Help You Create Your Own Dog Food at Home

Dogs are an important family member and deserve to be kept healthy and happy like everyone else. The same ol’ food, day after day, doesn’t cut it. Why not try treating them to their fur-vourite once in a while? The best meals are the home-made ones – there’s just something about them. It’s no different than your pup; they will still appreciate your top-nosh ‘cooking.’ So, how can you make your very own dog food at home? Here are recipes to help you out:

*DIY Homemade Dog Food

When preparing food, you have to make it healthy. So based on the nutritional needs of your dog, this particular recipe has a 50% protein balance, which includes ground peas and turkey, 25% veggies (zucchini, carrots, and spinach), and 25% grains preferably brown rice. The best part about this is that compared to all-natural store-bought meals, it’s way cheaper making this food.

*Scooby’s Organic Stew

This is a serious upgrade from Scooby snacks. This dog food recipe is a whole meal with one batch lasting up to a week. It’s great for a variety of reasons. You can slow cook for optimal deliciousness and minimal work.

*Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Ever think about dog food allergies? Certain dog breeds are actually gluten intolerant. This dog food recipe utilizes pup-friendly coconut oil, pumpkin puree, grains, ground protein, and a colourful slew produce to make a feast any dog can stomach. Plus, it smells great while cooking – surely worth a pant.

*Slow Cooker Dog Food

This recipe is made using sweet potato, beans, carrots, chicken, apple, and any other pup-friendly add-ins. Check with the vet to ascertain their dietary needs and size.

*Homemade Dog Food

Creating your own dog food may not be practical to incorporate in your routine every day. But your furry friend deserves a bit of nutrient-rich loving now and then. You can do a little DIY than never, plus you will be using already tried and tested dog food staples – how easy is that. Carrots, apples, grains, protein, fiber-rich kale, and heart-healthy blueberries are just what the vet ordered.

*Easy Crock-Pot Dog Food

This recipe uses slow cooker ingredients such as kidney beans, brown rice, butternut squash, ground beef, brown rice, frozen peas, and carrots to make sure the resulting product isn’t mush.

*DIY Homemade Dog Food

This pup-friendly high-protein grain is an excellent replacement for kibble. For a firmer texture, you can consider using red quinoa. You can also try experimenting with vet-approved add-ins such as apples, blueberries, and squash. Before you change your dog’s routine, consult with the vet.

Just like us humans, dogs get hungry and have a sense of taste, so the food you feed them is crucial. It needs to have all the nutrients right and also other ingredients that better the dog’s overall growth. Where can you find this? You can find the best dog treats uk recipes at to keep your dog feeling satiated and happy. The result of all of this, you ask? The pre-existing bond of loyalty and love grows between you.