Know Where To Put Your Cat House Properly.

Cats really love cozy corners and small places. They prefer sleeping in discreet areas of your homme where nobody goes in general. Cat houses are the ultimate gift for your cat. It gives them a place to live, to play, spend time and to relax as well. Although after buying a cat house you need a select a place in your house where you can set it up. Cats love warm places. If you have a fireplace in your house, the best place to keep your cat house is near the fireplace. In other cases, there are some spots in your home which are warm in nature and a bit enclosed. You can set up their house in these kinds of places. To know more about cat houses, you can visit

Now let us discuss in detail regarding the perfect place to put your cat house.

Keep the house in an elevated place:   

Cats prefer to live in elevated spots. So, it is better to keep the house on a slightly high place in your house such as over a table or over the cupboard etc. They actually like to see the ground from their living place. Setting their house on a high place enables them to do this.

Place the house in a warm spot:  Cats really prefer warm places to live. They love the sun and prefer the heat from the sun. So, it is ideal to keep the house at a place where they can get direct sunlight.

Enclosed area: Although you should never keep the cat house in a completely enclosed place it is not also a right choice to keep their house in a completely open space. Cats like to stay in places where people don’t usually go. In other words, they like private spaces. It is better to find a place in your house which is not easily accessible for everyone. It will give them a feeling of security and they will be able to live without getting shocked.

Additional heating requirements: Cats really like the warm weather. Heat gives them happiness. During daytime they can get the heat from the sun but during night they feel cold. That is why if you can place their home near an additional heating source or if you can put a small heater in the form of a covered light bulb on top of their house, their heating needs will be easily fulfilled.

You can also opt for some heating pads or insulation pads which traps the heat from sun during the day and keeps the house warm during night. These pads can be installed on the floor of the house and can act as heated floors as well. So, whenever your cat is walking on the floor, he/she will not feel cold. This acts as a great mood booster for them as well.

You can also put their house beneath the chimney vent of your house. It will naturally heat up the cat house without installing any other materials. But in this case, always make sure that there are no chances of any mishap.