Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Cat Furniture

The cat furniture also termed as cat trees, cat condos, cat scratchers, etc. Whatever the name you use for this, the purpose remains the same, i.e., to prevent your cat from damaging your furniture by scratching it. It is also essential for the cat to have its home where she can play around and exercise. There are many different types of materials available to make up the cat furniture and often leave you confused about what to buy. In this article, I will try to help you with all the questions in your mind.

Why own a cat house? 

Many owners might not see cat furniture as an essential thing to have for their cat. However, the cat needs to do regular exercises, mark their territory, sharpen their nails that keep their claws healthy, and enjoy and have their personal space to relieve stress. 

What is a scratching post and, how it helps your cat? 

A scratching post is a perfect solution for your cat to scratch. Install it on a wall for scratching purposes that offer an irresistible rough surface that is perfect for your cat’s scratching need. Keeping the scratch post as long as possible so your cat will have enough area to scratch, mark their territory, and spend maximum time there. 


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What is a cat tree and, how it helps your cat? 

The cat tree is wood or a cardboard structure that cat can use to exercise, sleep on it and, relax. When choosing a cat tree, you need to see if you have one cat or multiple cats. In the case of more than one cat, you may require a big tree as they mark their territory so, they need more space. You also need to identify the nature of your cat. If your cat finds a perfect place to hide out under the bed or your cat likes to climb up on things. Knowing this can help you to decide the height of the cat tree. Cat trees can customize with a scratch post that allows your cat to scratch as well as rest and hides out in that place. 

So, what should you purchase? 

The decision to choose the type of furniture lies in personal preferences. Having cat furniture at your home can give your cat a challenge and allows your cat to do stretching that helps them to be healthy and strengthen their legs. If you have a very active cat, then a tall tree can offer more stability. If you have a choice, choose cardboard over wood material as shipping charge depends on weight so, wood may cost you more than cardboard. In the end, choose the furniture that is safe for your cat as they might fell and not get injured but will not feel safe around it. So, choose the furniture wisely and test it before you purchase it to identify your cat needs.