Things to see in a pet transportation company

Choosing a right pet transportation company is really a time-taking and tough task to do. Several pet transport companies are growing up there from time to time. Each company claims its superiority of providing the best  service than another. Therefore, it is pretty stressful to find a fully featured transport service with an affordable cost  for your furry friend as you don’t want it to be uncomfortable throughout the travel period.

Through this article, I want to give you some important tips regarding your pet transportation that may ease your anxiety to some extent. There are some frequently asked questions and you will be able to know about their experience, skills  and professionalism on the basis of those questions. It will help you to take a quick decision to choose a suitable pet transport service as per your requirements.

The below mentioned specialities should be verified before choosing a pet transportation company for your service.

Check for the IPATA Membership of the company

IPATA stands for the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. IPATA strongly supports the most competent and humane pet relocation service across the USA and all over the world. IPATA members are considered for the best pet transportation experiences and  the highest standard of knowledge regarding pet relocation rules. They possess the largest international network chain of the pet shippers. Above 440 pet shipping companies from 84 countries are affiliated to IPATA. So, it is obvious that you can expect the best quality service from an IPATA licensed company.

Efficiency of arranging necessary paperworks on customer’s behalf

You require some specific documents like NOC, Rabies vaccination certificates, vet health certificate, OCI certificate etc for transporting your pet from one place to another. Most of the time pet owners have to complete these essential documentation formalities by themselves. But when you are hiring a service then it should be the relocator’s duty to fulfill all your needs. A professional shipping company must know about the exact required paperworks for transporting and they will arrange accordingly. There is always a risk factor left because of the lack of knowledge about pet shipping that results in delays or mistakes. Hiring a professional can make your pet’s travel hassle-free.

Experience of transporting pets globally

The certain pet moving company should be well experienced in handling new pets as well as tolerant to the agile ones. It needs to have wide knowledge about different transportation needs like shipping methods, vets, pet attendants’ training etc. Unlike animals’ pedigree, pet shippers’ origins should also be traced before approving their service.

Besides all the above mentioned points, the certain company should be well updated with the latest information and restrictions about pet transportation and travel barring due to the present Covid-19 situation.

Reviewsand feedbacksof the previous customers

Before booking any travel agency for your pet shipping, you must go to their websites to check the reviews and feedback of the previous customers. A renowned company’s pet service would be appreciated by their former clients. So, it might be a smart move to ask the certain pet shipping company to make you see all those feedbacks. Checking the customer testimonials would assure you about the company’s level of service and efficiency to handle the odds.

Arrangementsfor airlines’specified pet carriers

Most of the airlines have their own criteria of the pet carriers. You must have to fulfil those crate related requirements while traveling with your pet by plane. Such as, the pet crates must be well ventilated from three sides, spill proof and spacious according to the pet’s height and weight. Otherwise, there can be inconvenience in moving. Your normal pet crate is not efficient for air travel. So, it will be a good idea if you can find a travel company that provides airline specified pet carriers.

Preferred serviceproviderby any Airline

If the certain company of your selection is really strong in popularity then it would be renowned as a “preferred provider” by some specific airlines. Most of the pet travel agencies have several airlines transportation networks worldwide for many years. And they are eventually familiar with those airlines’ rules and policies about pet shipping. Working together may regulate a good business relationship among them.

So, choosing a pet transportation company that is associated and preferred service provider by any well-known airline is a great mark of efficiency of that particular pet travel agency.

Hope, following the above mentioned steps while booking a pet transportation service can make your fur baby’s travel experience more safe and cosy.