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Heavy Duty Cat Tree For Domesticated Cats

If you have had cats for any length of time during your lifetime, you know one thing about them- they love to climb and explore. If your feline companion is constantly getting into things they shouldn’t and you’re always telling them to get off the counter the couch, the bookshelves, or anywhere else, then maybe you need to give them a special climbing place that is all their own. A heavy duty cat tree can be a great way to give your cats a place they can explore and climb while keeping the rest of your furniture safe.

There are many different styles of cat trees that you can choose from, and each one has unique features that your cats can take advantage of. Some of the most common features you should look for include the following:

  • Scratching post- clawing is a natural instinct for cats, so giving them a place they can freely scratch can save your drapes and couch legs from their razor-sharp claws. Most cat trees have someplace that can handle regular scratching to keep your cat’s happy and satisfied each and every day.
  • Sleeping spot- cats like to get up high to have a good vantage point over their surroundings. A good cat tree will have a few places where your cats can lounge and relax the day away. Soft built-in beds and cubbies are commonly seen on high-end cat trees that are readily available today. 
  • Cat toys- most cats enjoy stalking, punching, and batting at toys, so they are a common accessory that many cat trees also feature. These toys help keep your feline family members entertained throughout the day and help to fight off boredom. It’s good to check for this when looking at heavy duty cat trees. 
  • Climbing platforms- from ledges to a more natural branch style, the best cat trees will be multi-leveled for ultimate climbing. These platforms and levels will help encourage your cats to climb and explore. It is an important part of the general climbing tree design and should be considered carefully in your search. 

It is easy to see how these cat trees play towards the natural instincts of the domestic cat. To find the best heavy duty cat trees available, check out the offerings Armarkat has to offer you and your feline companions.  Your cat will enjoy a fun and engaging setup and you will be able to relax a bit more knowing your cat has a safe and fun alternative to climbing all over your furniture.