6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cat Litter for Your Pet

Owning a cat means that you’re a special kind of person. Unlike dog owners, cat owners are extraordinary people with a strong mentality and the right attitude toward life. That’s because taking care of cats is not like taking care of other pets. Learn more about them on this link.

If you want to know more about how to take care of these amazing animals, then you’re probably wandering around the vast ocean of internet articles trying to make sense of how these creatures live. Pooping is an important part of their daily routine, so you need to know everything about it.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that will help you find the best litter, that will make the living space of your pet ideal, and at the same time, it will make you feel comfortable and relaxed too. Keep up if you want to know more about how to find the ultimate best litter for your cat.

1. Make sure it’s the right size

There are cats of different sizes and there are also those who are still young but will grow in the future. You need a litter of the right size. If your cat is still too small, it won’t be able to climb inside the litter and will do it just anywhere.

On the other hand, if it is fully grown and big, getting them a smaller one will simply make them uncomfortable without having enough room to do it. Cats need to follow their instinct and first scratch a little sand on the side so they can make a hole in it.

When they are done, they’ll get that sand back in the hole. This is part of their instinct coming from nature, and they’ll do it although you’ll probably go after them and clean up. If they have a small litter, they won’t be able to perform their routine, and this is going to make them feel stressed.

2. Technology is cool, but not mandatory

On the market today, you’ll find all kinds of different products that offer machine-driven litters automatically taking care of the waste, AI technology making all kinds of cool stuff with features that look like they are out of this planet.

You don’t have to ask for something like that. You just need a simple litter box to make your cat happy. Look through the internet and find the best product depending on the size of your pet. There are many options and lots of websites, like where tons of options are available.

3. Find the perfect litter sand

An equally important part of the search for the best litter box is the sand that you’re going to use inside. We use the term sand as a unique one for all the possible materials that may be used. In general, true sand is outdated, and almost no one uses it as such anymore because there are more suitable options.

Today, technology offers many options, including minerals like clay and others, then corn, pine, wheat, but also synthetic silica which turns the ingredients into crystals making them easy to be taken out.

Finding the best option for you and your pet is mandatory. Some cats might not like one of these options. They are just like us – have their wishes and preferences, so it’s wise to go through several options until you find the perfect one for you and them at the same time.

4. Ask other cat owners what do they use?

Check out what other cat owners use. Not all places around the world offer the same products. Even different US states and cities will offer products from one manufacturer but won’t offer from someone else, so if you want to go to the pet store to buy something, they might not have the products you found on the internet.

That’s why asking some of your friends that live nearby and also have cats in their homes about what they use is a smart thing to do. They probably shop in the neighborhood, and they’ll know what the best option for them is.

This advice might be exactly what you need and you’ll locate the right litter and the right sand just a few blocks away from your home.

5. Don’t pay for overpriced products

Lots of companies are selling products that are extremely expensive without any reason to put such prices on them. You don’t need to spend top dollars just because someone sells you a brand and not a great product. Do your research before buying anything and only spend your money on something worth spending more on.

6. Make sure it is easily maintainable

One of the most important factors when it comes to litter boxes is how easy it is for the owner to remove the waste from it. This is the main reason why people opt for a simple plastic box and nothing more. It’s easy to throw away the used sand and put it under the water for easy clean-up.

Expensive and complex machines may look cool, but they are incredibly hard to maintain. They are made of tons of tiny pieces in which sand may go in and become impossible to remove, which is why they are cool, but won’t do as an amazing job as these simple, yet effective ones.