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Find Your Choices with the Cat Tree in the Apartments

The cat has a natural need to make its claws. Indeed, they allow him to hunt, to mark his territory, to defend himself, to climb, etc. As much capacity as our little feline tends to apply on our furniture and sofas.

If you often feel helpless in the face of its scratching behavior, the cat tree, like the scratching post, will allow you to divert it from your furniture thanks to the posts covered with sisal in the small apartment.

Unlike some classic cat trees, the space dedicated to its claws is much wider.

Scratching tower:

For a rich play space, whatever the size of the cat tree, you have the choice with a variety of models, from the simplest to the most complex.

To relax and play:

The more a cat tree has features such as platforms, sleeping arrangements and other play areas, the more it will be appreciated by your cat.

The Accessories Of A Cat Tree

The cat tree is a set of elements to assemble so that your cat feels comfortable both in play and in relaxation.

Closed bedding: an essential accessory for our cats who spend almost 16 hours sleeping.

Cushions: Padded platforms are comfortable platforms for your pet who can lounge while watching you live.

The scratching post: another essential element, the scratching post allows your cat to stretch while making its claws. The scratching post can also be placed flat on a platform.

Hanging toys: the little extra that will spark the curiosity of your feline. Fishing rod, small scratching ball, etc.: in addition to hanging toys, do not hesitate to add others to his cat tree to encourage him to exercise.

What Material For A Cat Tree?


It is important to choose a quality material to ensure the durability of your cat tree. It is sometimes more interesting to revise your budget upwards so that you do not have to change it after one year of use. Use wood over reconstituted materials such as cardboard or MDF. They will resist the claws and the assault of your animal for less time.


Favorite material for the claws of your feline, sisal has the merit of being resistant if it has the right diameter of rope. Too thin, it may wear out more quickly. It is very often found around the poles of cat trees and on good quality scratching posts.

The fabric

For comfort, the padded cushions found on cat trees can be washable or not if the covers are removed. As for color, it’s a choice that belongs to you and depends on your interior decoration.

How Much Does A Cat Tree Cost?

  • The price of a cat tree can range from 20 to 200 euros depending on the models, brands and sizes.
  • Count less than 50 euros for a classic cat tree with a single bed and a scratching post. Other models less than 1 meter can also be offered at this price.

From 1 meter you will find cat trees between 80 and 200 euros. Design cat trees are also in this range. Models above 200 euros are reserved for very spacious interiors. They are tall and wide and are suitable for catteries and shelters that house many cats. But you are free to choose the best for your pet.