Five indoor games for dogs

Stuck at home with your pup? This can be challenging for you and the dog as well. While you cannot completely curb their urge to go out and play; engaging them in meaningful activities can keep the dogs physically and mentally active. These games to play with  dogs inside the house are designed for your dogs to have fun and stay entertained. Keep your canine companions active with these exciting games.

Unlock your treat.

This game will hone your dog’s excellent sniffing ability. To start with, place small treats around the house in his presence. Let him get used to the idea of hiding stuff. After a few rounds, let him play the game based on visual cues and his sniffing ability. Once he starts enjoying, hide the treats in some tough to find spots and let him search for the same.

Go wild and calm

This one is going to test your dog’s patience. The game is to make them super excited and then instruct them to quickly get calm again. While the dog is on a leash, tease him by dancing around, jumping, clapping, and doing anything that gets him pumped up. He would start responding and get excited. In the middle of this frolic, instruct your pup to sit down, and repeat the same. He will take some time to understand this sudden transition of state but eventually enjoy the game.

Tidiness pays off well!

Fun with a purpose is something that your pup will love too. Make him a part of your mission to clean the house! Place the toy box in the center place of the house. Instruct your pup to pick up a toy from where it’s lying around and drop it in the toy box. Encourage him by praising your dog a lot. He will take some time to understand that cleaning is all that is happening. But the praises and your patience is gonna get him going!

You never know, your dog might learn to clean up his mess himself!

Save the tumble!

This game can excite your dog and test his patience and awareness. Make a pathway with common objects like boxes, chairs, stools, etc. An easy route is good for beginners. Let the pup jump over, crawl from the sides, and navigate his way till the end of the route. Use a set of cones and poles if your dog is becoming a pro at this game!

Hide and seek

Can dogs play hide and seek? Well, they can if they know how to stay at a place without human support. Hide and seek is one of the best games to play with dogs inside the house. It is a simple yet fun game when he practices staying quiet at a place when he is hiding silently. You never know if you will always find your dog hiding whenever you come back home from work!

These intellectual activities are the best way to keep your dogs active even when you are inside the house. Your dogs are sure to love the games and nag you to play each time he is bored.