How Having Pets Can Impact Your Septic System

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The septic system of your home is very important. Once it gets damaged, there could be additional damages that may arise around your home due to faulty drains. That’s why you always need to get ahead with a team that’s ready to be called for septic repair.

Having a pet can liven up an already lively home. While they do list a lot of pros, you also have to think about some of the downsides of having a pet inside your home. Your septic system is also affected by having pets inside the house.

Dogs might dig around the yard

Dogs love to dig around the yard, especially when they have toys to hide. If your dog likes digging, make sure that they stay away from areas where they might dig deep enough and reach the pipes of the drainage system. They might get exposed to wastewater which could upset their stomach.

Another thing that you have to think about when you let your dog dig around the yard is the septic repair involved when they do expose a pipe or an area where the treated wastewater is drained to. You will have to undoubtedly spend a lot more if the damages become worse.

Cat waste can clog your pipes

Never flush cat waste down your toilet especially if it has been sitting in the litter box for a long time. Because cat poop becomes petrified, the build-up can cause clogging in your pipes. The litter will also cause the chemicals and bacteria inside your septic system to become upset. The disturbance of the balance in your tank can take some time to fix.

If your cat’s waste enters the septic system, the groundwater may become contaminated which poses a serious health hazard to everyone living in your home. If your water source becomes contaminated with the parasite from your cat’s waste, you have to make sure you get started with septic repair immediately.

Pet hair can clog the drain

An all familiar problem among those who have cats and dogs: the pet’s fur. If you have a pet cat or dog that likes to sit around in the kitchen, you will notice their hair getting into the drain. Although their fur is biodegradable, it’s going to take a while before it breaks down completely.

Having enough fur clogging the drain can cause a major issue for your kitchen as the water can back up quickly and flood the room. A good way to prevent this from happening is to teach your pet to stay away from areas where their fur may get stock near or inside the drain.

Pet shampoos with chemicals affect the septic system

Some pet shampoos contain chemicals that might upset the septic system’s pH balance. The good bacteria in the septic system will also be affected greatly. Make sure that all chemicals are reviewed before usage. It’s always better to use natural products as these will benefit both the pet and your home.

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