Is Turmeric Safe For Your Pet Dog?

We all have by now heard about how effective turmeric turns out is for our body and wellbeing. It is one ingredient that probably is found in almost every kitchen. But is it safe for dogs too?

To know more about whether turmeric is good for your dog or not, please keep reading below:

There are several of us who want to know whether Tumeric for dogs is a good thing to add to their diet or not. Many of us for long was not aware of the fact that turmeric is great for the health and bones of both dogs and human beings. Apart from improving your dog’s bone health, it also helps in improving the Cardiovascular, bowel and intestine health of your pet. In several cases, it also believed to stop cancerous cells from growing in the dog’s system. We have listed reasons as to why you must give your pet dog turmeric without fail.

Anti-Inflammatory in nature

Since we all know that turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature, it will be useful towards mitigating one from pain, soreness, and irritation. In fact, chronic inflammation is one prime reason why most of the dogs suffer from factors such as cancer, allergies, extreme pain in bones, cancer and even kidney and digestion problems.

Helps relieve your dog from arthritis pain

For those who have a dog who’s been suffering from arthritis will know extremely well, how tough it is to see your canine friend endure in such a scenario. In such a time, turmeric turns out being a great soothing agent as it works towards relieving the pain. It would be wise to add turmeric to the diet of your dog, but as per the vets prescribed dosage.

You need not worry much as it is considered safe for dogs to ingest turmeric. It is a good remedy when it comes to alleviating joint pain in dogs. But make sure to choose the brand as advised by the doctor.

Helps to ameliorate cardiovascular health of the dog

Cardiovascular health turns out being an obvious health issue in dogs, as they start to age. Issues like the failure of the heart or blood clots actually happen to older dogs more often.

Now adding turmeric in the dog’s diet will be useful as it contains Curcumin. This is basically an anti-oxidant that also is referred to as polyphenol. This way it ensures that the arteries are kept safe and protected. It helps to get rid of fat which tends to accumulate in the body, with time. Hence, the dog starts to stay in better health and cardiovascular issues are kept at bay!