Why Is There High Demand for Australian Jersey Dairy Cattle?

If you are looking for attractive cow breeds which are in high demand, then Jersey Cattle would be the best choice. As characteristic features, they have eyes which are large and pale caramel coat. You would also find a black marking on their muzzles, neck, and their feet and their ear as well, and with black noses, they are in high demand all over the world.

If you are in the food production service, then going for this breed would be a great choice as it is productive dairy cattle. Here are a few noteworthy reasons as to why it is so much in demand and which has already been researched upon by Australia’s livestock exporters.

Great Keepers:

When you are in an industry, economizing will and would always be an important factor. And when you go for Australian Jersey cattle, they represent great value for money.

They would weigh 500kg max and would also mean that they would require very little food when you compare it to other heavy animals. Also, when compared to other larger breeds, they are more efficient when it comes to converting feed to energy and would give you more value for your money.

Image Source: australiaslivestockexporters.com

Yielding Higher Quantity of Milk:

Lactating cows produce a higher yield of milk, which could be up to 28 kilograms per day. They lactation lasts for around 305 days, and therefore, economically, people in the market would always go for them. To get in touch with the best quality exporters of Australian Jersey cows, click here.

Gentle Creatures:

Cows are gentle in nature. But with this breed, apart from being easy on your pocket, they are exceptionally calm and gentle, and handling them is a lot easier. They would thrive no matter where you raise them and would provide you with a high yield of milk.

Though bulls could be a little aggressive, with artificial insemination, you do not have to worry about your cows giving calves. The cows of this breed are good mothers and ideal when you require good quality dairy farming.

High Butterfat Content:

Among many breeds, it has the highest butterfat content. It also has a higher content of protein than any other breed. There this would mean that you would be getting more milk and more cream. And with more cream, you would be getting more butter. And therefore, with this breed, for your profit, you would be able to gain a lot.

Thus these are some of the factors why going for an Australian Jersey breed would be great for your dairy business.