Is Velcro dog coats good choice to protect pet?

You have surely noticed that more and more dogs are wearing a coat. Once considered a fashion accessory, the coat has become an essential equipment to protect your dog depending on the activity practiced and especially when the weather conditions are more difficult. For some dogs, winter is a curse. For others to go out in the cold and roll in the snow is pure happiness. 

Velcro dog coats are more often worn on small dogs, but they are also recommended for puppies, hairless dogs, adult dogs, and old or sick dogs. Velcro dog coats are easy to wear, offer flexibility, enough comfort and thermal protection, soft, hygienic and ski-friendly. Different fastening systems on dog coats will allow you to put on and adjust the coat more or less quickly. Some large dogs are difficult to lift and a “t-shirt” system will not be suitable. Others might flee from you at the sight of the garment. 

Insulation against cold, wind and rain

The Velcro waterproof jacket is waterproof thanks to its tucked-in seams and the original Teflon coated fabric. It will protect your dog from cold, humidity and wind. It has a very high collar. Very easy to adjust, it also has loops for the rear legs, and a Velcro fastener to tighten it at the belly. The waterproof rain jacket is a windbreaker, ideal in bad weather to resist water and wind when the temperatures are not too low.

Protector for training and convalescence

Kuoser Velcro dog coats are light and flexible and can easily be worn under a coat. Thanks to the properties of Velcro, your dog keeps his own body heat. It is recommended for athletic dogs, before and after exercise, for warming up and then for recovery. Easy to put on, it can also be used for elderly dogs, recovering or suffering from osteoarthritis. Some models have reflectors on the sides to ensure better visibility of your dog at night.

Against the extreme cold

The Kuoser Velcro dog coats are ideal for protecting your dog during activities in very cold weather. Resistant, compact and well covering, they allow your dog freedom of movement. The sleeves allow wide coverage to retain maximum warmth, especially for an old dog. Some models have a zipper on the side. Just measure your dog properly, from the neck to the tail. If in doubt, always choose a larger size, but not too large. If the coat is too tight or too large, it will hinder his movements.