Major Ingredients of Dog Food

Many people love to keep dogs as pets. There are several breeds of dogs that can be domesticated like Labrador, golden retriever, pugs, etc. Most of these dogs are available in any pet shop. Another breed of dog that is frequently domesticated is Labradoodle. Labradoodles are furry, cute creatures that behave in a gentle manner with whom they love. If you want to keep a labradoodle at your home, you need to take good care of it. Apart from low-temperature conditions and a cozy environment, you also need to ensure that the food you are giving to your pet contains the ample amount of nutrients required by it. 

The food contents that you need to check before buying the dog food are”


  • Protein


Not only Labradoodles, but all breeds of dogs need an abundant source of meat protein. Typical dog food contains at least two to three kinds of meat proteins in its ingredients. Protein can also be supplemented from other sources like fish and eggs. Plant proteins are also a good source, but most dogs cannot take plant proteins.


  • Fats


Fat is a major source of energy for dogs. They are also required for the rapid uptake of fat-soluble vitamins. When you are buying dog food, choose named fats instead of generic fats. Dogs can also have fish oils as a source of fat.


  • Carbohydrates


Carbohydrates are also a rich source of energy and prevent the dog from getting hungry over and over again. Dietary fibers are good in small amounts for proper digestion. However, ensure that your dog is not getting too many carbohydrates. Since too much carb will quench its hunger even before getting proper nutrition.


  • Grains? Grain-free?


One of the recent trends related to dog food is to opt for grain-free food. Grains are a rich source of protein. However, many dogs can be allergic to it. Check whether your dog has similar allergies or not. If it does not have, do not deprive your dog of the high proteinaceous grainy foods.


  • Artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives


It is advisable to avoid such contents in your dog food since most dogs are allergic to them. Many of these contents have been linked to human cancer. Try to go for fresh dog food with its natural taste.

These are some of the major ingredients of dog food that you need to check before buying it for your Labradoodle. Feeding your pet with food containing the proper nutrients will make them healthy and happy, and you will love to see them in such manners.