6 Tips to make a smart choice for pet insurance

Most people refrain from purchasing pet insurance and consider it an unnecessary expense. Not until your pet suddenly falls sick with some serious infection or meets a major accident, you may not realize the importance of pet insurance. There is no doubt that you take exceptional care of your pet and ensure that it is healthy and happy always. Your pet also shows all active and healthy always. But you cannot overlook the possibility of a mishap that creates an emergency. While regular care and treatment may be affordable for you, these emergency conditions can hit your savings really hard. Pet insurance not only saves you from such a crisis but also shares the expenses for routine checkups and care. You can compare and find the most suitable pet insurance online on platforms like iselect which provides you with reliable information and tools for sorting out. While the comparison is a good way to choose pet insurance, the following are some tips that will help you make a smart and rational decision.


  • Decide on the type of insurance your pet needs


You cannot buy the same insurance for all types of pets. Insurance for rabbits, horses, birds, and fishes would be different from that for cats and dogs. You need to understand the needs of your pet well before taking your call. Also for cats and dogs, you have to decide whether to take accident-only insurance or a life cover plan.


  • Don’t underestimate shopping around


Often people look for insurance plans online which is certainly a good idea. However, you should also take a look at the local market. This also allows you to personally visit the insurance company and talk to the agents/experts. This is a better way to understand different options and make an informed choice.


  • Know what the policy covers


When you have shortlisted policies or have decided to take one, it is important to go through the product disclosure document thoroughly. You should know what exactly the policy covers to avoid any misunderstanding or hassle at the time of emergency. Also, pay attention to what is not covered by the plan like pre-existing conditions, etc.


  • Weigh your ability and pet’s condition before choosing your coverage


Assessing your paying ability and your pet’s condition. If your pet is usually healthy and you are in a position to provide it with the regular necessary check-up, you may need support in crises only. Also, annual checkups for a  healthy pet are sometimes affordable. In such cases, you can avoid wellness, elective care, or preventive coverage and go for protection for large unexpected risks.


  • Enroll as early as possible


Age is a major factor in determining what and how much you get covered for your pet. It is difficult to find a good policy for older pets. It is better to buy pet insurance when your pet is young to draw maximum benefits.


  • Know the claiming procedure


Make sure that the claiming process is simple and hassle-free. One way to ensure this is to understand and clear the policy terms and claiming procedures beforehand. Most insurance companies do not permit claims for the first 10 to 15 days of purchase. Also, the premium for the next renewal increases with each claim. Make sure you have all these details before investing.