Treat Your Dog With These Great New Products

Your dog’s dental hygiene is very important, and not looking after their teeth can lead to painful gum disease and tooth decay. Keeping their teeth in top condition doesn’t have to be a hard task, particularly when you can add a little fun to it! Here are just a few of the best natural dog chews you can treat your four-legged friend to.

Red deer antlers

These antlers are shed by Scottish red deer, and they’re packed full of the minerals and calcium your dog needs for a healthy mouth. They’ve been specially cleaned without chemicals and because they are unprocessed, they won’t splinter when your dog gets his teeth into them.

Puppy antler dog chews

They’re never too young to start getting their teeth around a healthy, natural dog chew! These puppy antler chews are ideal for little dogs, ensuring they have the best start when it comes to dental health and giving them something they can play with as they start to explore their world.

Vegetarian toothbrush treats

Made from 100% vegetables, these toothbrush treats are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth in top condition. They’re low in fat and contain only natural colourings, so they’re a healthy option and a fun way to clean away any food which may become trapped in the hard to reach places of your dog’s mouth.

Vegetarian hedgehog treats

These fun hedgehog shaped treats act in a similar way to the toothbrush treats, with the hedgehog ‘spines’ cleaning between your dog’s teeth. They’re also 100% vegetarian and both the taste and texture appeal to dogs, meaning they have fun at the same time as keeping their mouths healthy.

Eco rubber treat ball

Want your dog to exercise their legs as well as their mouth? This eco rubber treat ball is the solution! Fill it with their favourite healthy snacks and you can keep them entertained for hours, burning off that excess energy and giving their teeth a workout at the same time. Made from non-toxic rubber, these bouncy treat balls are so tough that they all come with a lifetime guarantee.

Pineapple treat dispenser

This entertaining and environmentally friendly pineapple treat dispenser is the perfect gift for your pooch. Its fun shape makes it really appealing to the sensory receptors of your dog’s mouth, and once they discover it’s filled with treats, there could be endless hours of fun! It’s also coated with an anti-bacterial agent, so won’t harbour any nasty germs which might affect your dog’s dental hygiene.

Keeping your dog’s mouth as healthy as possible means fewer trips to the vet and less discomfort for your canine friend. A natural dog chew from Wild Thought can keep your dog’s teeth and gums in top condition and provide them with the stimulation they need to curb destructive behaviour and have fun.