The Best Dog Breed for Hunting You’ll Find the Most Useful

Dogs have been a part of the hunting community for many, many years. In fact, dogs are the best hunting companions. Several dog breeds have developed over the years to help with the hunting game. And each of these is equipped with specific skills for finding and securing most types of prey.

The canines I’ve mentioned in this article are athletic, no doubt. Their nose is simply perfect for sniffing out the game. Even the coat is ideal for hunting.

But not all dog breeds are suitable for hunting all kinds of game. Some are good for locating big prey. While some are great for smaller adventures. Then there are a few specific dog breeds that help a great deal when it comes to flushing out your prey for you. And others work better at helping you retrieve it.

This means it all depends on what your target is. So here is the best dog breed for hunting based on your particular purpose…

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When looking for a game, isn’t it helpful when your dog can actually help in pointing it out? Speaking of pointing, the Pointer dog breed is the best at such times. This particular breed is medium in size. And they have been used for locating prey, big and small, since the 16th century. That’s when Pointers first came into existence in England.

The breed is incredibly determined on spotting game. So much so that natural hunting instincts set in very early. As early as 2 months old!

But are you planning on traversing harsh terrain? Both in the water and/or land. If yes, then the most fitting dog breed for that type of activity is the German Wirehaired Pointer.

In this case, the wiry coat of the dog is like an armor. Therefore, it protects the canine from chilly weather. Their coat also creates a sort of waterproof layer when hunting waterfowl.

Speaking of which…

Best Dog Breeds for Flushing Waterfowl and Birds

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In this category, the Spaniel breed is the best for hunting upland prey of the feathered variety. The friendly Spaniel breed is considered to be the best for flushing out waterfowl and birds. No matter the size of the dog.

To be more specific, the English Springer Spaniel ranks as the most popular in America. This particular dog breed might look small. But don’t let their size fool you. They’re excellent hunting companions to have.

Then there’s the Irish Water Spaniel also. That doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flushing out common waterfowl. The curly-haired breed has a coat that’s naturally water-repellent. No wonder it’s so perfect for reaching waterfowl on rough terrain.

Let me also bring to your attention that Irish Water Spaniels are the tallest of Spaniels. Their noses can sniff out every kind of feathered prey.

The next best alternative is the American original Boykin Spaniel. The dogs are great companions when hunting on small boats. Thanks to the compact size of these small hunting dogs.

Once again, don’t let their size fool you. The smaller frame is no indication of how well they can flush out game. The dogs are multi-talented. This implies they help in retrieving your game as well. You can’t count them as one of the rare hunting dog breeds at all, that’s for sure.

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When hunting for waterfowls and birds, a Retriever makes a very good companion. Their main focus is exactly what the word “retriever” means. The breed learns quickly and excels at every task. The pleasing nature of Retrievers is what makes them such excellent learners.

Originally, Retrievers were bred for returning or retrieving downed birds during hunting. It’s a skill every type of Retriever even now possesses.

As for Golden Retrievers, they’re very intelligent and energetic hunting companions. When it comes to retrieving birds, the breed certainly doesn’t let you down. Be it in the water or on land. They are the most popular as the best hunting and protection dog breed in America for a reason you know.

Moving on, Labradors are a part of this too. The waterproof, short coat of the breed is very useful for protecting them. It’s what makes the dog hardy hunting partners. It’s also the best all-around hunting dog. Thanks to loads of energy and their dedication to pleasing.

Now let’s talk about a dog breed for duck hunting. For that, you might want to look at the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. The breed is very fox-like, which makes ducks think of them as actual foxes. That’s how the ducks lure out. And that’s how the dog is put to the task of retrieving them.

Best Dog Breeds for Small Game Hunting

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Be it rabbits or raccoons, the Hound dog breed is the best for small game. More specifically, the Treeing Walker Coonhound. They excel at tracking and treeing raccoons. It’s because of their powerful nose and quick feet. Once the dog locates a raccoon, he sends you a signal using his voice.

Then there’s the Pharaoh Hound that’s extremely fast and smart. And this breed is perfect for hunting rabbits. If you’ve never seen one sniffing out and chasing rabbits, you might want to witness that.

Best Dog Breeds for Large Game Hunting

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For bears, deer, etc., what you require is a powerful pooch. Such as the Norwegian Elkhound. Especially on rocky terrain. The dogs keep your game in sight till you reach the spot.

Another common large game hunting breed is the Karelian Bear Dog. Just like Norwegian Elkhound, even this particular variety is medium-sized. And suitable for harsh weather and terrain.

The End

Dogs are loveable creatures, aren’t they? As pets and as hunting companions!

But not all breeds are good for hunting. I mean you can’t expect a Chihuahua to do what a Golden Retriever is capable of accomplishing, right?

In that case, I have talked about the best dog breed for hunting in this post. All the different breeds are suitable for different purposes. And I’ve made it a point to be specific and elaborate.