Types of dogs in San Francisco California

When it comes to dog friendliness, San Francisco ranks number one in the country. According to data compiled by SmartAsserts, San Francisco’s people are crazy about dogs. They are crazy lovers of dogs. They have combination of dogs breeds in their city. Their love towards dogs is fantastic. Dogs are deemed to be loyal and friendly. Dog lovers always do experiments on dogs breeds. Almost all people of the country do visit San Francisco to buy the pubs according to their choices. Whenever you will enter in San Francisco you will see doggie’s pampered places. Dog walking services in San Francisco, California are currently in most in demand due to dog lovers.

According to SmartAsserts consideration San Francisco has;

  • The number of dog parks per residence.
  • Many dog friendly shopping areas per city.
  • Many dog friendly restaurants per city.
  • Many dogs space.
  • Fido friendly hotels.
  • Off leash parks
  • Doggie daycares.

Lovers of four legged pet are crazy and very much conscious about their pets. So there in San Francisco you will not see a one kind breed of dogs but so many. People from all over the country go get their favourite breeds from San Francisco listed below.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are outgoing and friendly and are liked by many people of SF. This water loving canine will have a barking good time at the city’s off leash beaches.


This is one of my favourite breed in pups. These small pooches with big personalities are perfect for city living. Their delicate and small boned size makes them easy to carry everywhere. If you go anywhere during off peak hours they are welcomed on Muni vehicles as long as they are in carrier.


Husky is from Siberia almost liked by all over the world. In San Francisco you would see Husky in every other hose. One thing that is famous about this breed is that it shedding a lot and is perfectly suited for the foggy and cool weather of San Francisco. During shedding season just be prepared to groom your canine daily.

Chihuahua Mix

Chugs, cheagles, jack chis blah blah blah whatever the combination, this breed will definitely steal your heart. These canines are considered to be ideal for small living spaces. These pups can be carried with you to your work place if you are working at a dog friendly office.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are considered to be affectionate and easygoing. These pups are America’s most popular breed and a top pup breed in San Francisco. Labrador Retriever require plenty of exercise which they can get at San Francisco’s many dogs parks and beaches.

Labrador Mix

When you mix the country’s popular and favourite breed with other breeds you get loyalty and love. Labrador Mix is very similar to Labrador Retriever, offcourse! He should be because of his family. This breed is not only San Francisco’s people favourite but also liked by all over the country. People from South and North USA come in San Francisco for buying these canines.

Terrier Mix

With Terrier mixes you will not experience a dull moment in your home. Terrier Mix is very energetic and playful and kids most favourite dog because it enjoys playing all the time. If you don’t have kids and you are not in a mood of playing with him, there are many off leashes park in San Francisco you can take him there to release his hybrid power.

There are many more types of canines in San Francisco like Mutt, Golden doodle, Pit bull, German Shepherd etc. San Francisco is the hub of dog lovers.