Watch Your Little Fluff Ball Fall Asleep In His Bed!

For people who love animals, getting a pet dog is an extremely momentous moment in their life. Pets can change the lives of the families they belong to, bringing a tremendous amount of happiness and love into the lives of their owners. Not only are doggies extremely loyal, fluffy, and tremendously loving, they are also shown to reduce various mental issues such as anxiety and depression. Undoubtedly, when you bring a dog home, they become an intrinsic part of your family and you want to provide your loving pooch with the same luxuries that you have and ensure that it has a happy and comfortable existence. 

About the Yorkie 

A Yorkie is a tiny and extremely cute terrier type dog, initially developed in the 19th Century. It is named after the region where they originated, namely, Yorkshire in England. Usually, Yorkies range up to about 3 kilos and love family dogs. istockphoto-944615002-170667a

Why Should I Think About A Bed For My Yorkie? 

One of the most important things, when you get a dog, is to remember that they descended from wolves, which means that even your tiny cute little Yorkie has some amount of territoriality and a safe and designated space for your Yorkie such as a Yorkie dog bed can help it feel secure and safe in your home. Furthermore, you may be reluctant to allow your Yorkie on to your bed considering the amount of hair that they shed. Therefore, they need a bed to sleep on. In winter months especially, when the floor becomes too cold to even walk on, it is unfair to expect your Yorkie to sleep on it. By providing it with a bed, you can ensure that it stays safe and comfortable. 

What Sort Of Bed Should I Buy For My Yorkie? 

The sort of bed you purchase for your Yorkie should ideally depend on the age, temperament, and sleeping style of your pet. Most elderly dogs prefer a bed with a slight amount of padding because laying on a flat hard surface for too long can be pretty injurious and painful for their joints. Even though your Yorkie is tiny, he may like to stretch out and sleep wide. If this is the case, it is better to purchase a slightly larger (but not so large that he will get lost in it) bed for your terrier. Furthermore, the material of the bed you decide to purchase should be decided after due consideration is placed on the climate of your area.