All you need to know before Euthanizing your Dog!

Parting ways with the most beloved member of the family is quite a difficult decision. Pets are close to all of us. We have seen them grow from cute puppies to large full-grown dogs. The attachment we hold with them for so many years makes it difficult to part ways from them but if they are suffering from diseases that make us sure that they won’t live a healthy life any further then it is better to euthanize them.

What does Euthanize mean?

Help the pet to rest in peace forever with the help of medicines. When the suffering of the dog increases then they are given medicines through which they die. Euthanasia medication does not hurt at all this is the best way when their disease has no solution. It is illegal to put a healthy dog to sleep not an old or sick animal.

Keeping them away from pain is your responsibility, don’t be selfish and keep them alive with pain because you cannot live without them. When you see the end is near then make a firm decision upon what would be the best for your pet. Do ask the vet about what would be the best at that moment. Euthanize is done to dogs when their medical condition cannot be healed or treated by the vet.

The Reasons Can Be:

  • Damage of limbs in an accident leading to paralysis.
  • Old age thus troubling them doing daily tasks.
  • Untreatable physical conditions.
  • Diseases like cancer which has no treatment.

Most dog lovers want to euthanize the dog at home but to speak about it to a vet can lead to less suffering of the dog.

There are various reasons why the dog owners want to euthanize the dog at home without the vet:

  1. Dogs are scared of vets and you don’t want to trouble them when they are ill.
  2. They want the euthanizing process is done when all the family members are present as he/she is also a member of the family.
  3. They lack the resources such as a vet in a nearby location or no money for this procedure.

The process is not difficult but what is challenging is after-euthanizing. You get reminded of the place again and again where your pet was put down. Doing this upon your wish is way difficult to accept than the natural death of the dog. The process of euthanizing can get difficult at some side effects such as vomiting is common. Know all the procedures before you even think of doing euthanizing.