How to Best Establish Communications with Your Dog

If you have a dog and you want her to behave in a specific way, you can understand the value there is in having a reinforcing and supportive technique that is handy to you. There are many ways to use to communicate in various situations with many suggesting telepathic communication.


There have already been articles written about how to communicate with your dog telepathically by using any or all our senses. When there is a scenario that you want to encourage, then you can continue to use other senses, but the easiest and most effective is to get a telepathic message to your dog by using your visual sense to create pictures. How to communicate with your dog telepathically involves different techniques, with something such as this:

    • Calm yourself down first – so it might not work well If you are distressed about her barking
    • Make a connection by thinking her name – like you would be trying to get her attention
    • Imagine what you want – put yourself “inside her”
    • You can telepathically issue the command “come”
    • Envision her coming to where you are

After trying this several times, you will find that it does work – usually immediately and repeatedly. It will amaze you when you realize how responsive this can be, but it might take some time before it starts to work. 

Articles are written

This has been written aboutas the best way to talk to your dog. There are even some owners who have trained their dogs to say real words, such as “yes’” or “I love you”. It is a good way to:

  • Encourage positives
  • Discourage negatives
  • Show your pet you love them

Talking with your pet is the best way to turn around negative behavior by encouraging more positive behavior but first, you need to make some connection with your dog. Many believe doing it telepathically really does work.