How to Tell If Your Cat’s Food Meet’s Nutritional Requirements

It doesn’t matter if your cat is picky are a bit overweight, she will probably let you know exactly how she feels about what you are giving your cat to eat. Most vets will say that cats are biased about their food and most of their preferences in food are developed in their very first year. So, if you have a kitten now is the time to get her used to different types of food – wet, dry as well as semidry. 

Getting good nutrients

Even for the older cat, there are still some ways to make certain they are getting all the good nutrients needed in order to be and stay healthy. It begins by researching what you are buying and that it meets the cat’s needs.

Read food labels

It is important for cat owners to know how to read food labels on cat food. With all the advertising that goes on, owners tend to concentrate on ingredients but nutrients are also important especially fat and protein. It seems to be the trend to bash carbohydrates and grains in pet food, but these are not all necessarily bad. Carbohydrates can in some cases be important to hold together dry food and makes food less expensive. If carbohydrates are in an amount that cats can handle, they are ok.


To make certain that your cat has the best wet cat food that is well-balanced look for a report from the AAFCO or “Association of American Feed Control Officials” on the package. This label will say that the food is balanced and complete and meets the cats’ nutritional requirements. If the label says that about the food, it is not necessary to give a kitty extra supplements or vitamins. Most cats or kittens should get their nutrients from the food they eat.