Antibiotic for your pet fish

Many people like to keep fish as a pet. Either a single fish or multiple fishes are kept either in an aquarium or bowl. Sudden death of pet fishes is not uncommon and your pet fish is at a risk of dying early due to various causes. Thus, it is necessary to protect the fish against all kinds of fatal diseases. To this end, fish doxycycline is an effective medicine which has been created especially for fishes.

What’s the function of fish doxycyline?

Doxycycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic which kills and prevents the growth of bacteria and parasites. It is widely used to treat a plethora of bacterial infections. Doxycycline acts by binding with the 30S ribosomes found in bacteria, thereby preventing the synthesis of bacterial proteins. Fish doxycycline acts against the gram positive and gram negative bacteria present in the fish and treats a variety of fish bacterial diseases. These include mouth rot, tail rot, fin rot and septicemia. Administration of fish doxycycline saves the fish from such diseases and prevents its sudden death.

How to administer?

Tablet of fish doxycycline simply needs to be dissolved in the water present in the tank. The antibiotic dissolves in the water and is absorbed through the skin of the fish. 100mg tablets of fish doxycycline are available in the market. The number of tablets required for the fish depends upon the capacity of the water tank. The fish needs to be treated for about 5-10 days with frequent water changes. If there in no improvement in the condition of the fish even after 5 days of treatment, then further treatment using fish doxycycline is not recommended. 1 tablet of 100mg is suitable for every 15 gallons of water. Treatment needs to continued after every 24 hours.

Can humans consume?

Fish doxycycline and other fish antibiotics do not come under the purview of Food and Drug Administration or FDA. This implies that fish doxycycline is an unregulated medicine. Thus, the ingredients present in tablet of fish doxycycline and other fish antibiotics are not tested for human safety. Therefore, fish doxycycline should not be consumed by humans and must be kept out of reach of children

Online availability

Packs of fish doxycycline tablets are easily available in the online pharmacies. Packs containing 30 tablets or 100 tablets of fish doxycycline are can be purchased from the online pharmacies. Each tablet is of 100mg.