How to set up for your Betta fish?

If you are an ardent fish lover, you must have thought of keeping the bright colored betta fish all around in an aquarium. This fish is kept alone in the fish bowl because they are considered as the fighter fish. These pets do not get along with others. They wish to live a life of solitude. If you are wondering how to take care of this pet, this article will definitely help you.

Ways to set up your betta fish:

  • Buy the right aquarium– It is true that you will buy a small glass container to keep this fish. However, it would be great if you allow him more space to move. Buy a fish tank of one or two gallons because that will be sufficient. The tanks which are more than 2.5gallons will need a heater and a filter. For cleaning the tank, you need to have a vacuum as well.
  • Place the tank on the right location-It is important to place your pet on the right location or your pet might be exposed to drafts, heat and stress. Betta Fish is quite sensitive and therefore it needs a good location. Here are few tips of choosing a pet tank- Do not place the tank near a window because the tank might get too heated up during summer or it might get too cold during winter. Always choose a flat surface so that the trespassers don’t get hit. Choose a nice location where you can sit and enjoy your pet playing inside the water.
  • Set up a habitat– There are times when your pet might want to stay alone and therefore it is important to install a habitat for him. Installing a cave or a plastic plant will be enough. You can also add aquarium accessories like marbles, pebbles etc. Do not add any other roommate with your betta fish because he is not at all a friendly partner.

How to feed you fish?

The amount of food that a breeding betta fish can eat in a whole day is the size of his eye. So you can well imagine the quantity that you need to give. Also, it is highly important to feed him regularly. Do not miss out on feeding him. Do not give him extra food even if you have skipped a day. Keep alternate food options for him and do no stick to one food option only. There are various choices like-brine shrimp, frozen or dried bloodworms, fruit fly larvae etc.