What Is The Best Aquarium For just about any Crayfish?

What is the best aquarium for just about any pet crayfish? Well, the reply to this relies upon a few things. Are you currently thinking about getting other fish accept your pet crayfish? Are you currently thinking about getting another pet crayfish altogether? Because if you undertake, a desktop aquarium or 10 gallon aquarium probably won’t be ideal. I realize from experience. Personally, I’d recommend a 20 gallon aquarium to begin with crayfish, nothing smaller sized sized.


Crayfish Are Very Dirty

Crayfish are dirty little creatures. Installed out plenty of waste. Which waste might make your tank ugly and toxic for other fish, for individuals who’ve them. Getting a larger tank, as being a 20 gallon tank, there’s more water to battle the responsibility famous your pet crayfish’s waste.

Crayfish Are Aggressive and Territorial

Crayfish will eat and fight just about anything. They are super aggressive and territorial. Getting mentioned that, if you’re thinking about getting other fish within your tank, you will need a tank that’s large enough to hold everyone easily. Obtaining a bigger tank will decrease the chances the other fish get eaten out of your pet crayfish. They have got extra room to visit swimming. Along with your pet crayfish might have his little territory all to themselves. Keep in mind, with crayfish, almost every other fish within your tank may become crayfish food in a moment. It’s my job to suggest putting aggressive fish inside the tank and fish which go swimming near to the top. Red tail shark, mollies and hatchet fish could deal with pet crayfish. They have personally formerly anyway.

Water Changes

Getting a aquarium this is a minimal 20 gallons, managing water changes for that crayfish, as well as other fish, will probably be much easier. Speaking about, make sure that you simply change roughly 25% in the water weekly. This could ensure an effective, clean tank. One that will help to keep another fish remain healthy, together with your pet crayfish.

When You Are Getting Two Crayfish

If you opt to get two crayfish and place them in one aquarium. Based on my experience, it is only determined by time before one eats another. Personally, You’ll need a tank bigger than 20 gallons for just two crayfish. However, should you want two crayfish, ensure you’ve separate hideouts on their own account both. These can be bought online, produced from PVC or contained in most pet stores that sell aquariums.