Everything You Need To Know About Arizona Horses

Owning a horse and taking care of it is a rewarding and wonderful experience. If you are new to this then it’s natural that you will be worried about the best kind of horse to buy, how to tame it and take proper care to enjoy their company lifelong.

If you are not able to decide the best horse to choose from the many breeds, the best advice from horse owners is that wild horses are not recommended for people who are novice to horse keeping. To help you further here are few tips to take care of your horse.

Here are easy to follow tips:

  • Feed

They require quality feed like pasture, hay or chaff in large amount. You need to watch the feeding material is free of any unwanted hard core and indigestible material like iron, paper and plastic usually present in the hay stalk. To provide supplementary feed, you can ask your veterinarian.

  • Water

Yes, clean water is much preferable to prevent any infection and illness. It will be best to buy a permanent tank holding lot of water kept near to have access whenever they feel thirsty.

  • Shelter

Built a shelter helping to keep them safe from hazardous climatic conditions. If you are planning to have more than one horse, then you need to build separate shelter to keep sick horse. It helps to safeguard other horses from communicable diseases.

  • Space

You need to provide vast ground space for them to walk around and exercise. Not to forget well maintainable paddock as it helps to prevent injuries to horses and not let them provide chances to escape.

Most importantly you will need a large animal vet to take care of your horse’s health every week. They will generally check their hooves, and teeth. They also give right vaccination required to keep the horse healthy and fit. Always follow the advice of vet while taking care of horse health. You need to always monitor the body condition of horse and look for the initial signs and whether the horse feels uncomfortable.

Spend happy hours with your horse and enjoy joyful exciting horse ride.