Fish Pond Filters –Know Your Options

If you are planning to build a fish pond, you need a suitable and superlative pump and filter to make sure that water in your pond remains clean and healthy. From the outlets offering a wide variety of fish pond supplies, the basic choice varies from a mechanical filter to a biological filter. Though both types of filters function with some types of widely used pond pumps, there are differences in the way they function.

Mechanical Fish Pond Filter

Mechanical filters are not different from the kind of filters used in swimming pools. They are intelligently designed to filter out solid waste, algae and dirt. They feature a simple but smart design. They are comparatively cheaper and easier to run and install. Mechanical filters feature a pump that causes water to pass through some kind of filter media such as, gravel, sand or coarse foam. Filtered water is then pumped back to the fish pond.

Waste products and suspended grit from algae and fish get deposited in the filter medium that undergoes regular cleaning and change so that the filter continues working.Mechanical filters are often used in combination with the pump that creates a waterfall or fountain in the fish pond. As soon as the pump is tuned off, the filter ceases to function.

Biological Fish Pond Filters

Biological filters work in the same way as mechanical filters do. The water never stops passingthrough a bed of filter media that causes waste and other unwanted particles to settle down. The design of the filter media allows the natural organisms to grow. Single-cell organisms and bacteria are natural inhabitants of the pond water. They thrive in the filter and help to dissemble the waste.

The mechanism is the most environment-friendly way to sieve out the waste products. Going with biological filtration means the filter must function continuously. The organisms in biological filters play a crucial role in what is famously known as the nitrogen cycle. Some large creatures including worms and fleas live on different kinds of wastes that collect on the filter media. Some of these elements even feed on algae and it is the biggest hindrance in keeping your pond water clean and green.

Biological filters come in a larger variety and some of these are housed deep into water. The simplest kind is what remains above thepond. This type features a single-chamber tank brimming with layers of various filer media. Choose the right type of filter for your fish pond.