Begin the pets’ happy journey with Holistapet’s CBD Oil

Some pets experience anxiety and stress related to their environment. It can lead to them acting out negatively. CBD oil is said to reduce these behaviors and improve moods. Holistapet’s CBD oil for dogs is formulated to provide relief from common ailments such as arthritis and anxiety.

CBD oil is derived from hemp seed, grown in Canada, and produced under strict regulations. The benefits of CBD oil are numerous and include pain reduction, increased appetite, stress relief, improved sleep quality, and even reduce inflammation.

What does Holistapet offer?

Holistapet offers a variety of options for CBD Oil for both humans and pets.

  • They also sell CBD oil for dogs in bulk quantities at wholesale prices.
  • Holistapet has something special for the pets. They’ve launched their very own CBD oil for dogs that contain no THC, which means it won’t get them high.

What should one consider before buying CBD Oil?

CBD oil has become a highly sought-after wellness treatment for pets. Some pet owners even prefer to give their dog or cat CBD oil over conventional medicine because they believe it is safer and more effective.

While CBD oil benefits both humans and animals, its effectiveness varies depending on the animal’s breed, age, and health condition. For example, CBD oil does not appear to improve memory in older dogs.

Pet parents should consider the following before giving their dog or cat CBD oils:

  1. What type of CBD oil is being used? The difference between CBD oil derived from hemp and cannabis plants is significant. Hemp-derived CBD oil contains little THC, whereas cannabis-based CBD oil typically contains high levels of THC.
  2. Is CBD oil safe for their pet? Pet parents should always consult with their veterinarian before using CBD oil on their dog or cat. Some breeds are sensitive to CBD oil, whereas others may experience adverse reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, seizures, anxiety, aggression, or lethargy.

The popularity of cannabis and its derivatives continues to rise. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing CBD products, and they offer them in various forms such as tinctures, gummies, and even dog treats. It was originally developed for humans, but now it’s being researched for its potential to improve the lives of animals too. In addition to relieving symptoms in dogs, CBD oil may also help promote overall wellness.