The No Choke Collar


Too often, though we fall short of our responsibilities to dogs. We don’t show them the love, care, or affection they crave, and we don’t put enough though into the ways the ways that we make them feel. There is one thing in particular that ought to shock us and doesn’t.

No-choke collar relies on leverage and head position control in order to keep a grip on the dog without inflicting any pain. This method is simultaneously more effective and more humane than the traditional choke collar, and it’s ultra-reliable too. 

Specific features of No-choke Collar






Changing the kinetic chain that you use to control your dog, No-choke Collar differs from regular collars in that the brunt of the force does not touch the dog’s neck, avoiding restriction and damage to the dog’s airways, blood flow, and neurological health. Instead, No-choke Collar pulls underneath the chest and on the back of the dog’s head.
Benefit of No-Choke Collar include

Control your dog more smoothly

Grip large dogs more reliably

Stop choking dog

Pain-free and humane

Effective for walks of any length

It seems like an obvious lesson, one that we shouldn’t have to learn at all, and yet here we are. Choking is never okay. Now, we don’t mean to choke our dogs with the collars that we use, but that is exactly   what a choke collar does. These are inhumane tools that we need to do away with once and for all so that we can make a bold stand for what it is that we believe in and what we know we should and shouldn’t do to our dogs