Pumpkin for Dogs: Why Feed it Year-Round?

How beneficial is pumpkin for dogs? With the Fall season barely just beginning, it is natural for pet parents to want to spoil their furry babies with pumpkin. Pumpkin can be just as beneficial for our furry best friends as it is for us. Sure, dogs can’t enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte or a slice of pumpkin pie like humans can, but they can still enjoy a pumpkin treat now and again.

In this article, we will delve deep into all things pumpkin and see if our dogs can truly benefit from it.

The Nutritional Benefit of Pumpkin

Surprisingly, pumpkin is loaded with a bunch of nutritional benefits most people aren’t aware of. Sure, it is packed full of essential nutrients and minerals dogs need to thrive, but it is also loaded with vitamins that are equally as beneficial. Pumpkin contains important vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A, both proven to help support healthy vision, support healthy joints and to support a healthy immune system. It can also contain natural antioxidants, which can help protect aging dogs into their senior years.

Pumpkin, Dogs and Diarrhea

Pumpkin is perhaps most commonly used to help treat dogs suffering from diarrhea. It is used so commonly in fact; even new pet owners are probably aware of its use. Pumpkin contains soluble fiber, which can help not only slow down normal digestion, but can also help add much needed bulk to a dog’s stool. Just using one tablespoon of canned pumpkin can help firm up loose stools within minutes.

Pumpkin, Dogs and Constipation

While pumpkin can be used to help treat diarrhea in dogs naturally, it can also be used to help treat constipation. Finding the equal balance of using the correct amount of pumpkin could mean the difference between stopping constipation while avoiding causing diarrhea. Just add 1 to 4 tablespoons of canned pumpkin as a treat can help give your dog the extra moisture they need to pass firmer than normal stools comfortably.

Pumpkin, Dogs and Upset Stomach

Dogs seem to be synonymous with upset stomachs. If not, what is the point of them always eating grass all the time? While it is true there could be many causes to an upset stomach (hence why it is always important to get your dog checked by a vet to be on the safe side), pumpkin can help relieve a small upset stomach from time to time. In fact, it can even help prevent an upset stomach from occurring if you just dollop a tablespoon or two into your dog’s food before serving.

Pumpkin, Dogs and Weight Loss

Dogs have a notorious history of struggling from excessive weight. Regardless if this is due to the kind of food they are eating or due to their sedentary habits, canned or pureed pumpkin can help them maintain a healthy weight and even shed a few extra pounds. Pumpkin is naturally low in calories and rich in nutrients. It is a great way to keep your dog feeling full and a great food to use to supplement some of your dog’s current food.

Pumpkin for Dogs: Final Thoughts

If you are a pet owner, you want the very best for your dog. By adding pumpkin as a daily treat to your dogs’ diet, you’ll be doing just that. There are so many reasons to use pumpkin aside from their natural benefits. You just have to give it a shot and see how much healthier your dog can become.