What Should You Carry While Hiking With a Dog

Dogs are the best pets you can have as they are adorable and can protect you too. Dogs help you in many ways, such as sensing your stress and trying to calm you down, help you with exercises, etc. So, when it comes to Hiking with dogs, you need to take care of your dog too. Here are some of the essentials that you need to keep with you when you decide to take your dog for a hike.

Keep Your Compass and Maps in Handy

Keeping your compass and maps in handy is very important when you are hiking. These help you to know where to camp, where you can get the freshwater stream, which area is safe, etc. GPS can be a way of your guidance for you, but you cannot trust your signals while you are up in the mountains or hills hiking. Also, even though dogs have a good sense of direction and can find their paths, you cannot trust them in hills or mountains if they are not trained. So, make sure that you are prepared with a good old navigation system.

Do Not Forget to Carry Food and Water

Of course, food and water are also very important during hiking. But make sure you are keeping extra food and water for yourself and your dog. Do not forget to carry dog treats just in case you need to push your dog if it refuses to move further. But do not push your pet too hard. Keep looking for symptoms for dehydration and tiredness before you continue.

Keep Extra Clothes and Protection Gears

Safety and precaution are essential when you are hiking. Do make sure that you are taking extra clothes for yourself and your dog. You can also buy dog booties so that they do not get bruised with some thorns while trekking. Of course, you also need to make sure that you are wearing the right kind of shoes for hiking. Also, make sure that you are carrying clothes that will protect your dog from getting wet in rain or warm clothes during winters.

Carry Your Medical Kit with You

Medical kit is the essential thing to carry when you are Dog hiking. Apart from carrying medicines for yourself, ensure that you are carrying relevant medicines for your dog. Consult your veterinarian before you pack your first aid kit.

These are some of the items that you should be prepared with while you are hiking with your dog. However, make sure you are doing your research on some tips for hiking with a dog before you embark on your journey.