Choosing The Right Bed For your Dog

Dogs are very active, and they enjoy playing, sniffing, and exploring, but getting enough rest is important for them. As a dog owner, you should be helping them get the important rest they need, and we can do this by ensuring they have a comfortable and quiet place where they can snooze without being disturbed.

Choosing a Dog Bed

There is a wide range of options when it comes to beds. If you have watched a dog sleeping, then you know they have different positions: curled up, stretched out, on their back – there are even times when they are on their bellies with the legs stretching in opposite directions. The Red Dog Company offers a wide range of options.

Which Size Should I Get?

It is important to choose the right bed size for your dog. The bed should be large enough for them to comfortably lie on it on natural positions. Some beds are big enough for the dog to curl up, but is it big enough for them to stretch when they want?

Which Type Should I Get?

There are different sizes and shapes of dog beds. Oval and round bed shapes with sides are great for dogs when they want to curl up, while mattress beds are great when the dog wants to lie flat. Most dogs tend to have their preference, but it is a good idea to provide them with several options – this ensures your dog will always be comfortable no matter the position they decide to sleep in.

Shapes such as box beds with a side usually allow dogs to cosy down because they keep warm and protect from draughts. These are bed shapes that are great during the summer when the dog wants to stay cooler.

What Material Should the Bed Be, and How Can I Wash It?

The beds should be made from comfortable material and sufficiently padded. The material should also be easy to wash.
If you are looking for a bed that you can take when camping, into the garden or on any adventure, then you should choose a more robust material. Choosing a water-resistant or waterproof material can help to prevent the bed from getting damp.

Which Place Is the Best to Put the Bed?

You should choose a place that is warm and draught-free to give options. You can choose to put one bed in a part of the house where they cannot be easily disturbed and the other in a room where the family spends the most time, which lets them have company when snoozing or relaxing in their comfortable bed.

Luxury Dog Beds for Special Dogs

Some dogs have specific needs for their bedding:
Old dogs or dogs with any aches, joint problems, or pain might need a memory foam or orthopedic bed where they can get in and out easily.

If your dog is nervous or shy, then you can get an ‘igloo’ type bed because they can benefit from it since it provides them a place where they can comfortably hide away when they feel likes things are getting too much for them.

Do you have more than one dog? You need to have at least one bed for each of your dogs to avoid competition. If your dogs like snuggling together, then you should get a bed that is large enough for them to share.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

No one likes getting disturbed when napping, and this is the same case for dogs. Everyone in the family, including children, needs to leave the dog alone when in the bed – this will keep the dog happy and the children safe.