How to Prepare for Hog Hunting

Feral hogs are active at night, so, if hunting, in general, is forbidden at a dark time, hog hunting is possible only in the nighttime. This makes it necessary to get special preparation for hog hunting. From appropriate clothing up to a good night vision rifle scope, everything is to be selected and checked properly. 

Hunting Checklist

Both newcomers and pro hunters need to get ready for hog hunting and pack everything in advance. This will supply high-quality hunting and deprive you of possible threats and inconveniences.

  • Licences – as any other kind of hunting, hog hunting requires a license and landowner permission, of need. Apart from that, you will need some personal identification and general hunting documents.
  • Clothing – hog hunting is allowed all year round in some areas, so it is important to get dressed according to weather conditions. This means you may need a warm jacket, hat, and gloves. Water-proof clothes and protection from other outer impacts and threats are also recommended. Orange hunting clothing requirements depend on local regulations.
  • Navigation and extras – GPS navigator, compass, and the map will help you to get oriented at night and not to get lost. Use two-way radios to communicate with your counterparts.
  • Flashlight and night vision – the head flashlight is the best option to make your way in the dark. In addition, night vision devices will let you spot the animals and react speedily. Cae to attain a high-quality thermal or night vision rifle scope to prevent threats and succeed in hunting.
  • Protection – feral hogs transfer different diseases that are dangerous to people as well. So, pack up protective gloves and appropriate dressing and tagging tools.

Hog hunting is a spectacular and interesting activity. Get equipped properly and experience all the privileges and delight of hog hunting yourself.