The Right Leach with Proper Supports

Before choosing a retractable leash, it is essential to consider the morphology of your canine. There are leashes dedicated to small doggies and other models for large dogs.

The choice of the perfect leash thus depends on the anatomy of your pet so that it is a play and pleasure tool, but not an instrument of torture. Whether you have a small or large dog, you will certainly find a leash suitable for your pet. Go for the best retractable leash  there.

Weight and height

The choice of your dog’s leash also depends on its size and weight. Indeed, you must take into account the waist size to find the leash that suits your dog.

  • As each dog has a different size and weight, the choice of leash therefore follows these parameters.
  • However, you can opt for a 2 doggie adjustable leash if you have two dogs at home.

Fixed or rollable

It is the environment of the walks that determines whether the leash should be fixed or rollable. The fixed and short leash is recommended for city walks to better control your pet.

As for the roll-up leash, it is rather sought after for walks in the countryside. Whether fixed or rollable, the leash is made with a multitude of materials. The leather leash is the most common since it is very solid.

Many also appreciate the thin, practical and light nylon leash. For the metal leash, it is true that robustness is there, but it’s very heavy weight can have negative effects on your canine. In all cases, take into account the size of your doggie before choosing the leash.

Resistance and grip

To make your walk pleasant, the choice of the leash should not be done lightly. Its resistance and its grip are therefore part of the selection criteria for finding the ideal leash.

Use solid materials such as leather and nylon so that your leash will last over time. Regarding the grip, it is necessary to check the leash fixing system for optimal safety. Even if it is a canine leash used in the car, the grip is very important.

For what use

Just like choosing a dog collar, choosing a leash depends on the function you are going to assign to it. The leash for training is not the same as that for walking. Besides, the promenade itself differs in town and in the countryside.

Pleasant, ergonomic and light, these are the qualifiers of this dog leash. This accessory is very useful for adjusting the pace of your dog at your own pace during walks.


Also appreciate the presence of a button allowing to leave the leash so that your dog feels free to go where he wants. On the design side, this leash inherits a robust construction thanks to its solid nylon ribbon which extends up to almost 5 meters. It is resistant accessory to pull dogs up to 50 kg. That’s not all. This leash has a solid ABS case and a non-slip handle for a pleasant grip. In short, a perfect leash to give optimal freedom to your pet while remaining under your control.