How To Choose A Dog For Home Protection

Research show that a burglary is committed every 40 seconds here in the UK, so by the time you’ve finished reading that statement, 3 could have already taken place. An alert dog can deter burglars and prevent most home burglaries which makes purchasing a dog for home security a very good idea.

If you are considering purchasing a guard dog for your family, here are some important factors that things you should consider:

Alertness- there are many questions to ask when choosing a dog for home protection. You want to avoid an overly aggressive dog. If you have a very aggressive dog, there’s a possibility of accidental dog attack, because a dog doesn’t always know who is a potential threat and who isn’t. Dogs can pick up on emotional energy and when dogs are fearful, they can react aggressively. Surely, you don’t want a dog that’s overly aggressive to everyone. Instead of having a very aggressive dog, you should have an alert dog so it can be calm and quiet when you are receiving a visitor.

Emotional Response- a good guard dog should be receptive to your distress signal. Your dog should detect changes in emotion from your voice and behaviour. So, when you shout or scream in panic, your dog must know that something is wrong. Inherently, dogs are capable of recognising emotional energy and you just need to properly train your dog. This is where a residential dog training expert can help.

Easy To Control- dogs are still pack animals and they obey the leader in a potentially threatening situation. As a leader, you need to show that you are in charge. It’s your job to decide how your dog should respond.

Easy To Train- your dog can’t automatically become a dependable guard dog. Some breeds are very easy to train, despite some drawbacks. Your dog will make many initial mistakes and you should be able to correct them. Young dogs tend to bark a lot when someone comes into your lawn. You could check the situation and thank your dog for being alert. However, to correct this behaviour, you could show that some people are friendly. Whatever the situation is, you should never scream or shout at your dog to calm it down. If it’s a challenge to train or calm your dog, you may need to ask for professional help from the residential dog training Sheffield dog owners trust most.

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