Dog Paw Balm and Nose Balm

Just like humans, dogs need some tender love and care too. When it comes to grooming, their nose and paws are sensitive and vulnerable just like ours which is why we need to take care and pamper our dogs too.

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What you Need to Know About your Dog’s Paw Pad

A dog’s paw pad functions like a shock absorber. It prevents their joints from bearing too much pressure. Similar to humans, dogs also sweat but not the same way as we do. Dogs actually perspire through their nose and paw pads.

Some dogs may have more sensitive paws than others. In this case, they need extra protection such as Vita Activate’s collection of paw balms and paw wax. At the same time, you should also limit your household cleaners to mild detergents because the toxic chemicals may be affecting your dog’s sensitive paws. Plus, your furry friend may be constantly licking their paws which means whatever chemicals are on your floor will probably make its way to their stomach.

What Causes a Dog’s Paw Pad to Crack? 

There are a lot of possible reasons why their paw pads become dry or cracked. One of the medical reasons is that your dog may have zinc deficiency. Most veterinarians prescribe fish oil to address this health issue.

On the other hand, most dogs’ paw pads become cracked due to the weather and environment. Dogs who are residing in areas that have a relatively colder climate are prone to having cracked paw pads. The snow can freeze between their paws while the salt can irritate their pads.

A change in weather and season can also affect their paws as it may have difficulty adjusting. During the hot summer season, their paws may also be affected by the heat from the asphalt which can lead to cracking and dryness. To prevent any blistering and burning, avoid taking them out during the height of the summer heat.

How to Deal with Cracked Paw Pads 

Most dog’s paw pads are quick to heal and the cracks usually disappear on its own. However, it is highly recommended to apply Vita Dog Wax to help soothe, moisturize, and protect their sensitive paws from a variety of external conditions. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

After applying the balm or wax, you can slip up some booties on your dog’s paws for additional protection against road elements and weather condition. Also, keep in mind that if their pads get extremely dry, it may not only crack but bleed too which may result in more complicated issues. This is another reason why Thebalm, as well as the wax protection, are of importance when taking care of your dog.

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How to Treat a Their Nose 

Similar to a dog’s paw pads, their nose also needs to be taken care of. Their nose is prone to auto-immune diseases which causes it to dry, crack or bleed. Allergic reactions to food, pollen, and mold can also lead to redness or swelling.

Another potential cause is excessive sun exposure. Their nose can appear dry and cracked due to sunburn. There are certain breeds of dog that aren’t capable of licking their nose fully due to the composition of their skulls such as pugs and bulldogs. Therefore, they have more tendency to have a chalky and lumpy nose.

How to Treat your Dog’s Nose 

Dogs with a chronically dry nose may benefit from using the Vita Dog Balm because it can moisturize, hydrate, and nourish their nose’s skin. Since they constantly lick their skin, it is made from safe and natural ingredients. Plus, it is also designed with hemp seed oil for faster recovery.