Signs That Your Montipora Coral Is Healthy 

The second most popular coral in the slot of SPS coral, montipora coralis an excellent choice if you are looking for a coral species that thrive in a beginner’s aquarium. With being hard and vi rants, these corals can sustain variations in water conditions while you establish the ecosystem in your tank. But that doesn’t mean that they are immune to everything. Factors like:

  • Water flow,
  • Light variations and
  • Chemistry of the water

They can affect and damage them. It always helps to know the signs and variations in the coral that can give you an idea of its health.

Montipora Coral Placement in a Saltwater Aquarium Tank

In this article, we will discuss some signs to look out for in determining the health of a montipora coral.

Vibrant colours 

bleaching is one of the first signs you should look for, which refers to colour variations in the coral. The montipora receives its colouring from an array of organisms termed zooxanthellae, which turns the coral’s various colours in exchange for photosynthesis. When the montipora is healthy, so are these organisms and your Montipora will demonstrate it through its different hues. If its colour remains, for which it is famous for shades of blue, green, and pink, it’s perfectly healthy in its surroundings.

Frequent growth

You can also tell if your Montipora coral is healthy or not by its growth. As the corals from their surroundings consume energy, it is used by them to build out their exoskeletons and polyps steadily, which helps them to extend farther out into the water, where they can gather additional sustenance. As a result of this phenomenon, significant changes in Montipora’s size are great indicators that it’s doing well. Something is wrong if the coral has not grown for a while is not a good sign.


Algae tend to attach to the exoskeleton of a montipora and extract or prevent its nutrient consumption. When a coral falls ill, they become weak and vulnerable to different hazards, such as algae in its environment. The absence of algae indicates that your coral is healthy and no one is robbing its nutrients. However, if you spot algae in the aquarium, it is not a good sign as it is a sure sign of your coral being ill.


To keep your montipora coral healthy and happy, you need to look for the above signs to help determine its health.