Spice Up Your Pet’s Life – Fun Tips from Top Long Island Puppy Store


Trick training contributes to developing a bond with the humans around them. Furthermore, it stimulates them both mentally and physically. It’s only essential to mention that you must keep your training sessions short, preferably once or twice a day, as a general rule of thumb. 

Here are three fun tricks that can be easily trained to the dogs for overwhelming entertainment. 

Roll Over

It would be best if you made your dog lie down on the floor at the beginning. Then, pick a dog treat with your hand to move it slowly behind the dog’s neck. Your purpose here is to get the poochto turn its head backward while remaining down on the floor. Soon, when the head reaches back to sniff the treat, slowly roll your hand over. This is when you wait for your dog to follow suit. Reward him with the treat and enthusiastic praises for achieving the task. 

Shake Hands

It would be best if you made your dog sit first, to begin with, the trick. Then, pick a dog treat in your hand and hover it slowly near the pooch’s paw. Soon, you will see the dog raising its foot in excitement. Right at that moment, call out the verbal cue “shake” and give him the treat. Keep practicing it for some time while praising the dog enthusiastically every time. 

High Five

Once you have trained your dog to shake hands, it will be relatively easy for you to take the next step- “high five.” Begin with the “shake” command while holding your palm out. As soon as the pooch hits your palm, call out the verbal cue “high five.” 

Parting Thoughts

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