The Class of Parti Yorkie for You

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Few breeds are as recognized as the Yorkshire. It is a great dog for families, the breed is very similar to the way its owners behave in everyday life. Learn more about this little one.


If you have a breed that has a very interesting history, it is the Yorkshire. Who now sees the popularity of the dog does not imagine that he was once quite reneged by the wealthier social classes. The reason is simple: only English servants had the desire for these animals.

In the eleventh century, in Britain, who belonged to the lower classes and worked in the lands or houses of wealthier families, was allowed to have a dog as a pet.

But there was a family size limit where dogs must be no more than 10 inches tall. This prevented very large dogs from taking up space or being used to steal food from the place itself.

But with the advent of the industrial revolution, many people migrated from the countryside to the cities, and the servants went with their animals. In larger cities, the breed that eventually became Yorkshire was bred with several other strains, giving rise to a wide variety of dogs without a specific pattern.

  • Over time, the breed came to be appreciated not only as a companion dog but also as a hunter, as it was growing faster and bigger. Thus, its popularity grew a lot, even among the upper classes, because it was undeniable the beauty that the dog presented.

  • One of the great reasons for the breed becoming a darling among the nobility was when the animal-loving Queen Victoria decided to raise a Yorkshire.

  • In 1870 the dog arrived in America, but still without the established standard. To facilitate breed identification and determine desired traits, American and European breeders came to a consensus and determined that the common Yorkshire was small, smooth-haired dogs.

Yorkshire Physical Characteristics

Few breeds are as recognized as the parti yorkie . Even people who have difficulty distinguishing one dog from another are able to identify such a dog. Two things are very striking about him: the fur and the size. His coat splits in half, always very smooth and shiny. Speaking of fur, it has two shades: steel blue and toasted yellow (almost a golden one).

Its body is compact, with legs, tail and head proportional to its height. The tiny black muzzle is almost a detail on his face, which still has very black eyes the size of a marble. His ears are always straight, giving them an air of alertness and intelligence. His teeth are tiny and quite sharp, but they don’t hurt so much.

Behavior of your Yorkshire

The Yorkshire is a great dog for families. But in the first months of the pet’s life it is very important to have a lot of patience and attention to certain attitudes that will directly interfere with his personality. This is because the breed closely resembles the way its owners behave in their daily lives.