What Are The Different Types of Aquarium Corals for a Reef Tank?

Aquarium Corals

When you are starting a fish tank and you have everything but you are wanting something else that makes the tank stand out and be very colorful, then you will want to look at coral reefs.

There are so many different types and kinds of aquarium corals for sale that you may get overwhelmed on which one to buy and use. Well in this little informational article we are going to cover some of the different types of corals that you can choose from for your fish tank.

Coral can be divided into two different categories: soft and hard. You may wonder what the difference is. Well a hard coral has an internal skeletal system that grows as the coral matures. This means the coral will keep growing, however at a slow rate. They stay in one place and do not move around the tank. Hard corals are not as colorful as soft corals, however they will grow into a towering structure that are majestic.

On the other hand, the soft coral do not have a skeletal structure but they do have protein so they are less rigid. Due to the fact they are less rigid they sway and pulsate in the tank with the water movement. Sometimes the soft coral will move around the tank until they find a spot they like best and then they will settle down and tank up root.

Large Polyp Stony Corals are corals that grow on top of skeletal structures of the hard coral. These are one of the most popular corals for tanks because they are very hardy and grow rather quickly. In order for them to grow there is a certain level of calcium needed in the tank. When you have a certain number of calcium in the tank this type of coral will be strong and healthy.

Large polyp corals need a lot of consideration when placing them in the tank because they have long tentacles and will stretch out at night and sting other corals, so they have to have a lot of room so they do not kill other coral.

Small Polyp stony corals are easily found in a tank because they have dense and heavy skeletons. Small polyp corals have polyps on them that form skin. The small polyp corals are much more demanding when it comes to taking care of them, making them more difficult to keep.

To survive they need strong currents and bright lights in the tank, stable temperatures and constant calcium in the tank to survive and thrive in the tank. These corals are not recommended for the beginner fish tank builder.

Now you get to the mushroom. The mushroom is a very soft coral and are considered on the easiest corals to keep, making this the best coral for first time saltwater tank setup. Mushrooms are very hardy and can live basically anywhere in the tank.

These types of corals are very colorful and you can get them in many different colors and patterns making your tank look beautiful. They do not like high intensity bright likes so make sure you put them near the bottom where they get less light.

We have covered just a few of the different types of corals you can get for your saltwater tank. There are many more different types to consider. Just know that coral is the essence behind a great salt water tank because they give the fish a place to live and hide. In time you will find the right type of coral for you and your tank.